Sunday, March 2

Reminiscent 13.

"The first film character I trully fell in love with because of the way she dressed was Annie Hall. It was the first Woody Allen film I'd ever seen and it sent me into a three-year obsession with just about anything he had made, regardless of the quality. I responded to Hall's scatty, ditzy personality and the way it was at odds with very masculine way of dressing. Her character seemed so realistic and complete, and in part that's because of the stylish wardrobe. Nobody ever made high-waisted trousers and a tie look as good as Annie Hall. Her feminity, mixed with tomboyish silhouettes and scruffy thrown-together looks, is something I still reference heavily now. I love the seventies dork glasses, the striped men's shirts, the great tweed jackets and frilly Victorian tops she mixes together so well. It was the first time I recognized that sexuality didn't have to be expressed through thigh-high skirts and tight tops. As a teenager, this was somewhat of a revelation. Although Hall may be one of the most neurotic characters to grace a screen, her clothes suggest a laid back elegance that I strive to achieve when getting dressed." - Alexa Chung (IT book)


  1. Anonymous10:37 am CET

    I've seen the movie but it didn't impress me that much... I should watch it again though.

  2. Such a fun post!
    Love the fedora!


  3. I love this series - so perfect!!



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