Tuesday, March 25

New in

I thought I could do without any baroque footwear, not to mention while I have promised that now I do not  want to rush of shopping, especially at the shoes and I am not going to absorb of whatnot kitschy stuffs - well, apparently not. I fell in love online of these red velvet booties (attached tonal lace socks with red mini buttons) by Dolce & Gabbana. Available in black here and my other pair is from this collection last seen here.) I am following to careful with it and I am glad to put my hand on these and I do not overdo same arty things. I will make a choice rather simple pieces to this pair. I am thinking about all of black or navy outfits... Lace dress? Maybe it will be bit of kitschy? What do you think?

I cannot wait to wear them!


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