Sunday, April 29


Happy Sunday!

When I saw this cute stuff I just could not fight it. I love the animal things as I am constantly telling. 

Just a quick post for lovely jewel - I am this and definitely I will love this little "bunny" to death. Do not you think?

bunny necklace - Karen Walker

Under the Twilight Sky

Friday, April 27

Top Hat 2.

Hi guys,

Alright, it is true so summer is near and I guess you are thinking why on earth a wool hat? Riding hat is one of my favorite shapes and so thus I just could not resist the temptation of purchase when I saw this Viktor & Rolf riding cap. Definitely remarkably well-made and I needed it. It does not matter we are in warmer season! So chic!

woolen hat - Viktor & Rolf

Fairy Tale

Thursday, April 26

Take a Bow

Hey guys, 

You all know how I feel about shoes... my hiper favorites. I have lot of shoes. What more can you ask for? 

I purchased these mules with lovely bows the end of last summer and have worn these about five times, both casual and glammed up. What do you think?

black suede bow mules - Sportmax by Maxmara



Tuesday, April 24

Guess who?

Mystic Blue

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Sunday, April 22


Happy Earth Day!

Yes actually my daily post is bit of topical. Today is Earth Day and as you know I love nature's inspiration things, especially if they are from any animal visioned. There is no gainsaying it - the nature is a huge inspiration for designers, in their color choice, shapes and fabrics. So thus it was not pending when I saw this antler clutch from Lou Lou Belle. No doubt. must have piece and finally I am lucky to picked up it in hot pink color. What do you think?

Here is my same clutch in Elle's hand. Definitely I cannot wait to carry it.

Friday, April 20

Guess who?

Thursday, April 19

Vintage and Old World Couture Bring New Life to Tough Days

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When one of those lemons is cancer, things don’t seem so easy. Beyond the day of diagnosis lies a gauntlet of treatments and doctor visits; cancer doesn’t wait to strike until a woman’s to-do list is lean. Life goes on, despite bouts of nausea, seemingly endless exhaustion and the rush of appointments. Work and school won’t disappear. Family obligations continue. Whether the culprit is breast cancer, melanoma, leukemia or mesothelioma, the challenge drains the most resilient of women.

When treatments and endless appointments find a cancer sufferer tired and drained, therapy of a new sort may be best. Sickness doesn’t define anyone. One possible way to boost energy and morale is take a day for yourself, go shopping for some new clothing. Women who enjoyed vintage fashion when healthy still find joy in browsing for styles from days gone by. Depending on her situation, the process for shopping or browsing may change, but a little creative thinking can make it happen.

Ideally, a woman struggling with cancer such as mesothelioma will be able to find a friend to bring along to do some in-person shopping. Perhaps she wants to plan a trip to a favorite old haunt, or maybe she and her friend would like to try a new spot for vintage looks. If you get worn out, take a seat and let your friend bring selections to you. Save your energy for trying on a few fabulous outfits. Be sure to pick accessories as well as clothing. Hats and jewelry are fun, and also truly complete the vintage look. While searching for the perfect outfit, a few savvy purchases will provide a wardrobe upgrade that raises self-confidence in the coming weeks.

If going out to shop isn't immediately possible, vintage looks online are great for a little “window shopping”. Women who love shopping for vintage clothing might enjoy auction and advertising sites where locals go to sell their treasures. Old World couture has also hit the runways big time in 2012, so browsing through a few designer collections online might be a fun pick-me-up as well.

Dreams only take along those who put action into their ideas. Women who enjoy vintage shopping and putting together retro outfits need to make a couple purchases too. When treatments have her feeling low, the woman who has so often put together the most eye-catching outfit from the fashions of yesteryear will benefit from revisiting her hobby. Doing something enjoyable provides a boost for the spirit, and a fresh vintage outfit will build confidence too. A fight for life demands every bit of strength manageable. An enjoyable  outing, fun online surfing and styling vintage purchases just might be the uplifting activities a woman fighting for her life needs.

photos: google

Wednesday, April 18

Carousel of Time

source: Blow Up!

We are gonna let it, slide!

Hello darlings,

I have been on a shoe buying fasting period for cca. one month and just broken my shoe fasting a few days ago by buying shoes. I am also a little bit ashamed of myself, let you know. The reason is simple, they were so understated at eBay, more precisely for £10.49. And yes they came from Brian Atwood! So do you understand it, do not you? Sigh!

pink and black dotty sandals - Brian Atwood

Playing Fashion

Tuesday, April 17

Top Cats and Top Dogs

Oh guys,

I want to share these photos from Rachel Hale McKenna in so far you can think it is absolutely nearly stylish. Definitely it is a little further away from the fashion, but this is the cutest thing I have seen it nowadays. The French Cat and The French Dog!

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Monday, April 16

Guess who?

Sunday, April 15

Retro Obsession

Saturday, April 14

Deep Fairy Forest

Hey sweeties,

Couple of years ago - exactly the end of 2007 Prada has designed my favorite line for the next spring - S/S 08, Fairy collection. I know these are gnawed bones, but I realized it will remain my full-blown love. I got so many pieces from this collection - principally in footwear, but I talk about the bags!
Now? Actually clutch is my favorite type of bag. For summer? I think they would be in juicy colors as my new one. It was limited edition and I am lucky ducky...definitely. Why? Because I can put my hands for a clutch with James Jean's floral print. I love the art by James Jean and how collaborated. That was the best idea ever in history of Prada. Do not you think?

floral clutch - Prada