Sunday, June 30

Pick up!

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

It has long been recognition of mine that my blog is very important to me. I hope it can transmit something - something new, inspiration, lovely and so on, but then I realized with equal ease - I do not want it. What? I do not want to get the feeling - not a good feeling in a manner. It is just my hobby! Not a job - thus I do not allow my posts to write compulsorily or these look like only advertisings. It is important to me that they are authentic. While blogs like famous blogs (I think The Blonde Salad, The Cherry Blossom Girl just to name a few) are really pretty, it feels as if most of the clothes they are wearing is just given to them to advertise, and most of those items are very expensive and honestly a considerable part of society just can not afford. Do you agree?


Sure now you can say - what are so many expensive goodies doing here? 


It is no secret I love buying stuff on the internet especially from last seasons' items or vintage pieces of course. Now, I think my blog needs to convey that it is something what can give their tips... I try to work mixes with predilection - expensive- (mostly in unique accessories) and cheaper clothes into each outfit as you can see on my blog posts. Distinguish yourself, that is the real style! I love the luxury things meet high-street clothes that help to keep out the breakdown at the same time as looking full stylish. In this moment I am wearing a pair of black pencil pants and green blouse by Zara, Nicole Brundage white-ish crochet sandals, Stella McCartney botanical jacket, Chanel silver bag, vintage Christian Dior dark green oversize sunnies, Gucci bamboo watch and various silver jewelry...

I really love eBay, etsy, Yoox, The Outnet, secondhand- and vintage store...  Use the internet for a purchase - it is easy, trust me! Just listen, there are some important things; for example the delivery services, make offer chance or please do not forget to put your bids at the last moments...

So you can see I have a few things in cheaply. Aperlai sandals for £19.99 or Sonia Rykiel studded beret for 5.5 pounds? Incredible! Go for it!


Happy fresh week, my dears!

I strongly believe we will see a return of matching shoes and bag come some point, because matchy-matchy is oh-so-good. Now I fall a victim of this moment. I have said love silver with tweed-y and quilted of course. Hunky-dory, do not you think? 

silver bag with ankle navy patent flap bag and tweed clogs - Chanel (all)

Guess who?


Saturday, June 29

Guess who?

Friday, June 28

Monday & the weekdays

I am wearing this set...

all: click

3/4 sleeves white shirt
polka dots wide leg trousers - Primark
assymetrical navy and aqua blue platforms - Aperlai
silver- and dark blue ankle flap bag - Chanel both
velvet cat eyed sunnies - Asos
not seen here - Gucci bamboo watch, Hillier necklace


Thursday, June 27


Hello loves,

Who thought that basic shorts would be such a closet champ? 

my new high-waisted shorts - Mischen

for you

Hello darlings,
I and my lover felt comfortable navigating quite confidently when we have moved and purchased the technological products for my apartment, because we are working in this area within limits. Is this interesting? Oh yes, but let you know my heart truly beats for fashion. On every street, on a shop, on a trip, on a person, every time - TV shows are no exception to this rule - I can find so many things that I would adapt to myself. So inspiring...

I always use the good internet-connection - this is mandatory for my work; blog sphere; online shop and so on. That familiar feeling all over again when we need a great service for a watching TV - I love few type of scientific TV channels and Fashion TV of course. The latter is an easy way to me and we are able to fly (not just in our dreams) in the fashion industry - on the red carpet, currently fashion shows, "meeting" with lots of bloggers, famous fashionable person and so on. I think actually it is probably faster than clicking on a next button website such as What do you think?

Thus I have to admit we were a little disappointed by supply but then fortunately we located the bt tv packages and other alternatives. We wonder and you?

Wednesday, June 26


more: NY Mag

Tuesday, June 25

Guess who?

for help: her dress' style

Linda and Choupette

Monday, June 24

Botanical 4.

Happy fresh week, my dears!

I strongly believe we will see a return of matching clothes and accessories come some point, because matchy-matchy is oh-so-good. Now I fall a victim of this moment. I have said love botanical prints. Hunky-dory, do not you think? 

botanical jacket and shorts - Stella McCartney

I am wearing this set with white blouse, Chanel silver- and navy flap bags and black braided platform sandals by Robert Clergerie.

but I am just not fashion obsessed...

Hi guys, 

Are there times when you think the fashion would certainly be my life? Bit of snobbish?
Lots of photo for my new things, outfits, wishlists, A-Z trend... Let you know it is my hobby and I love buying stuff (who does not?) on the internet because you can find everything - fashion or not - even pieces from last seasons. 

Ebay is my best friend in this atmosphere as I have already previously mentioned so many times. Unfortunately a slow internet is an annoying thing, because you will not be able to put in a winning bid at the last minute. Use a good service! There are typical good packs - duo or trio - sky broadband; includes tv deal, wifi and so on. Thus you have an easy way to special and great bargains at auctions or for example the outnet clearout! Familiar feeling?

I will not lie, because I am fashion obsessed in a certain sense. I just want to have nice things at not my closet and more important they do not necessarily have to be new or trendy. I think the first think which must matter to you should be your character and your style.

The fashion is a very good way of self expression, it tells what you like or who you are and also I think a life without fashion would be so boring.  It is art worn every day, it can reflect our moods, our personality. Please do not forget the fashion is wearable art!
Of course, it should not be the main part of your life, but it anyway.

What about you?

Sunday, June 23

Daily accessories

Happy Sunday!

Three options for daily accessories, but only one bag (actually two)...
I just wanna my Zara printed bag with navy blue ankle mini hooked flap bag by Chanel (last seen here and here) at centre - there are my ideas; variety "designs" by one of my favorite shoes, jewellery and accessories'. 

Which one is your favorite?

raffia and snakeskin shoes - Rochas
brownish sunglasses - vintage Piz Buin
bangle watch with navy blue bezel - vintage Gucci
triceratops necklace - Giles
double heart rose gold plated ring - Rochas
gold plated jewels ring - Chanel
Arty-ish ring - Bimba & Lola

"Rio" canvas platform sandals - Charlotte Olympia 
oversize butterfly shaped sunglasses - vintage Christian Dior 
vintage watch as black modern "face"- Nivada
gold plated long necklace - Bijou Bijou
dead cat armor ring - Matina Amanita
moon ring - Daisy Knights   

floral peep toe booties - miu miu
velvet cat eyed sunnies - Asos
vintage watch as with "face" - Nivada 
gold plated long necklace - Bijou Bijou

Ulyana Sergeenko

I love her new and short hair style! 

source: Büro 24/7

Friday, June 21

Guess who?

Thursday, June 20

Monday & the weekdays

Hi guys,

Dried litchi yes I am when it is 37°C outside - oh no... unfortunately now! This is the reality! I am only supposed to eat a green banana - thus it is inspiring for my currently nail polish, lots of cherries or sour cherries, and the weather is the great reason to drink plenty of waters. 
At the office? So I can not be naked...


dragonfly snakeskin sandals - Miu Miu
"green banana" nail polish
white ethnic shirt 
vintage denim shorts - Levi's
acacia wooden "fish" box bag - Timmy Woods
green snakeskin aviators - Tata Naka (limited edition)


you can buy: here

Wednesday, June 19

Guess who?

for help: not a model


Embroidered bombers are landing into our closet. Denim shorts or overal and ladylike shoes (either floral/pastel sneakers or high heels) will equal the perfect cool summer look. Let you know I am searching for this!


embroidered bomber jacket - Zara

Denim Attitude