Friday, October 11

you are a star

black top hat -  Maison Michel

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Botanical 518.

Thursday, October 10

hey sailor!

graffiti sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana
navy crested double-breasted blazer - vintage Ralph Lauren
white victorian style blouse - Mohito
bf jeans - Zara
black leather bag from 2005 or 2006 - Chanel
white leather classic sneakers - Gucci

Tuesday, October 8


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black leather bag from 2005 or 2006 - Chanel

Botanical 517.

floral leather booties -  - Dolce & Gabbana (zoom here)
floral and fruits long skirt - vintage
not seen here:
vintage grey cashmere blazer
Zara grey turtleneck sweater
Miu Miu grey Matelassa bag

Sunday, October 6

Botanical 516.


glasses - Zara (last seen here)
chunky knitted sweater - Zara
beige wool long vest - thrifted
 watch - vintage Nivada
ring - Chanel 
not seen here:
Zara black pencil pants

Saturday, October 5

Friday, October 4


pink wool boater hat - Lack of Color (zoom here)
plexi and pink stone earrings - thrifted
small and limited edition multicolor Eiffel Tower flapbag - Chanel (last seen herehere and here)
black sheer classic A-line dress - H&M


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Botanical 513.

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back 2 black

black leather bag from 2005 or 2006 - Chanel

Wednesday, October 2


glasses - Zara
wool little jacket - Chanel (zoom here)
white blouse wit black tie - Zara
not seen here:
shoulder "Marisol" box bag - Salvatore Ferragamo (last seen here)
black pencil pants - Zara
strappy sandals - Bionda Castana (last seen here)

Botanical 512.

details: various designers

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details: various designers

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Saturday, September 28


glasses - Zara (zoom here)
tweed jacket - Zara (last seen here)
brooches - Chanel (similar herehere and here)
parasol printed crepe dress - Chanel (in the rnway)
silver reissue flap bag and navy blue patent mini ankle bag - Chanel both (zoom: here, here and here)
black and white spectator pumps with three straps - Chanel