Friday, November 30

Call of the Wild

Leather + Comfy + Pony hair 
What more can I say, darlings?
Hello December!

my new fur boots - Belmondo

Thursday, November 29

...for Garage Mag

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Wednesday, November 28

Tuesday, November 27

Origami Rabbit

Hey dears,

Let you know I absolutely love these necklaces from Origami Jewellery and brand's whole line after looking at Boticca website! Then I was able to choose the following gold plated big rabbit necklace because it would be just brightens my days! So unique! Lucky me!

Which is the best, what do you think?

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Just beautiful!

Monday, November 26

Guess whose?

Friday, November 23


Hello my dears,

As you know I am a huge fan of green color, especially at shoes - in almost all shades - and it looks like the love has spread to bags as well particularly I put my hands on my new purchase - the following satchel. How to be fashionable for everytime. And I also do not talk about red nails; they look so cool with green color. Futhermore I will add light grey woolen jacket, black leather shorts, chunky tights. black shoes and simple knitted sweater... With this bag? I can wear the most boring plain thing, do not you think?

green and black satchel - Jean-Louis Scherrer

See you at sundown

Thursday, November 22

Got cold hands or not?

my coin purse: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

Miu Miu

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Tuesday, November 20


Hello darlings,

Accessories usually last longer anyway - and now especially I am thinking about jewelry! 

I heart my new rhino ring, do you love it?

my new rhino ring - Bex Rox from Ski Safari collection

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Anhui Village

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Moonlight Shadow