Thursday, July 30

Botanical 221.

Pink is the new black

Chanel Girls 86.

source: Global Blue and Google

Thursday, July 23


my striped "rain coat" from Diffusione Tessile (if you are interested in buy here)

Bring your attitude

Wednesday, July 22

Botanical 220.

Pink is the new black

Monday, July 20

Chanel Girls 85.

mostly: Google and Facebook

Botanical 219.

source: Garance Doré

Sneakers Love

black leather sneakers - Pantofola d'Oro


Sunday, July 19

Botanical 218.

Red is the new black

Saturday, July 18

Chanel Girls 84.

Botanical 217.

image via Dewey Nicks

Guess who are they?

Pink is the new black


source: Facebook

Botanical 216.

Friday, July 17

Pink is the new black