Thursday, April 29

Flower fairy

Wednesday, April 28


Hi lovely readers,



Or white?

Chanel is bringing you every white hot item your heart desires for the spring and the summer of course!

I'm really digging the white and gold combo right now and also love white and floral together! Actually both of them are a girly things for the sunny seasons.

floral platforms - Biba - one of my favourite shoes as ever.
white quilted purse - vintage Chanel - my new obsession and I found at an online auction. I paid for it about $40. Lucky me, because it has a good pre-owned condition, one flaw to note is that the gold color is beginning to chip off the turn-lock due to wear, but I don't care after all this is a vintage piece.

What shall I mix with? I think a pair of dark blue jeans and a white linen tunic are deserving with them? Oh and my favourite white Arty ring by YSL.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 27

Little bit burlesque

Hey darlings,

I may declare I was not a huge fan of leopard prints for a long time. I thought I was not sure this print is working on me.

Well, there were the lot of fantastic stars - the leopard spots have suited with them so well - I am thinking the silk blouses with puffy sleeves, the faux coats, superb sexy pencil skirts and the accessories.

I accepted that more and more like it and purchased a leopard spots of really feminine pieces for many years and realised the slogans are true don't overdo this print much rather tone it down a little bit.

Well, don’t be afraid (the second slogan) from the animal prints and it's alright too. This print will be sexy, classy and ladylike on you. Even now, having one or two leopard print items in your wardrobe is becoming pretty mainstream and the neutral hues in most leopard prints boosts its versatility.

What kind of item you would need for the beginning, if you have a faltering steps? My tip an one of the pretty accessory - maybe the bag. This was the beginning for me.

My new find as such if I would have stolen it from the next season of Dolce and Gabbana collection. Don't you think?


my more leopard things - click! Remember?

Monday, April 26

34, Avenue Foch

full video: click at here

P.S.: So sorry, this video is not working for the decrease, but try to enjoy it and click the full version at under the video.

Sunday, April 25


source: anywho

Friday, April 23

Country Chic

ruffle blouse - Zara
dark blue jeans - Just Cavalli
green woolen jacket (bit of military style) - Révue
cameo brooch (on jacket) - vintage
green platforms with chunky heels - Stella McCartney
black saddle paddington - Chloe
pink floral stockings - ? from my bf
bag charms (robot and tweed bow) - Prada and vintage

Thursday, April 22

Wednesday, April 21

Tuesday, April 20

Be elegant...

Hey lovely readers,

Sometimes we girls' desire for bit of elegance in the everyday life.

My combo reminds me of Karl Lagerfeld's quote; “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” Is this true?

Oh my Givenchy sandals!

So what; when I had those good shoes. I added a black turtleneck and a sheer pencil skirt from Gucci, that I told you about the previous Alaia post.

sheer black pencil skirt - Gucci
black turtleneck - name by Byeong Haon Art
black leather handbag - ?
black high heel sandals - Givenchy

What do you think? Shoes, bags or jewelleries? What is your point for your look?

Guess who?

Monday, April 19

Monday & the weekdays

Hey dearest followers,

This time when you may meet an any kind of shoe on the street. Anything may be working. I think the sandals with a thick stockings, those lovely pumps - what you protected from the weather at your shoe wall, and booties - they may be stay yet.

These Shoes Were Made for Walkin' from Bardot Blue on Vimeo.

My choice is the sandal.


black top - Penny Black
gray jumper with belt - Primark
gray woolen cardi/cape - Jaeger
black suede handbag - vintage Chanel
brooches (cat and cc) - Chanel
black strappy leather sandals - Biba

Saturday, April 17

The little fashion treasure chest

I guess that I wanted to buy the first pair so much as I would have liked possessing their box at the same time.

Isn't this cool?

image: Pink horror show

now my first pair from Alaia...

My new satin wedges are an elegant footwear choice but really fashionable. I can wear these wonderfully versatile shoes anywhere. Don't you think?
The high fashion gurus say this fact - Satin isn't just for occasional anymore. They can be worn both in the day and night.
What do you think?
However I incline to wearing at an elegant mode. Few weeks ago I bought a Gucci sheer pencil skirt (Thanks for the tip to Silverbeige) and I can imagine it I will mix it with these Alaia and I can add a simple black top too.

I’m afraid to wear them at the same time, because I didn't forget they are satin.

What about you? How do you feel in connection with satin shoes?

Thursday, April 15

Guess who?

Wednesday, April 14

Blue Ink Birds

images: Mulberry

Tuesday, April 13