Tuesday, September 29

Over the top...

This is a newer tag. I like it and thanks for lovely Noémi K.

Well, Janet enters for this "path"...

Where's your cell phone: in my bag
Your hair: red
Your mother: too white-skinned
Your father: cheerful
Favorite food: chili
Dream last night: so complicated
Favourite drink: coctails
What room are you: bedroom
Hobbie: blog
Fear: unhappies
Where were you last night: office
Something that you aren't: selfish
Muffins: yummy!
Where did you grow up: Budapest (Hungary)
What are you wearing: plaid wideleg pants, black top, brown wedges, brown bag, lot of black bangle...
Your pets: - :-(
Friends: I really love them...
Something you're not wearing: artificial finger
Favorite store: eBay (who'd have thought it. haha!)
Favorite color: purple
Last time you laughed: last night
Your best friend: lover
Place you go to over and over: Milan
Person who emails you regurarly: too many
Favorite place to eat: Hunter

And now I would like to be known about you! Let's see from who!


Lindsey Wixson in Damen Heath's "Wander Bird". I think it she is too cute. Look at her. Fresh, charming and by the way so sexy. The outdoor shoot appears in the fall-winter edition of Lula magazine. Lindsey’s star is on the rise with her recent opening of Prada’s spring 2010 show in Milan.

Monday, September 28

Take a bow...

...what a great find...don't you think?

This feminine bangle from Sonia Rykiel. Made by plastic and I say it is too sweet. I really love bangles and this fashionable bracelet cuff is no exception. Bows are a popular look with lot of designers.

Sunday, September 27

The fashion's circulation

front-page from 1992

front-page from 2009

Saturday, September 26


Did you "lose" the Karl bear (or too expensive. Thats sure.)?

Tokidoki, the Italian Japanese-inspired (manga) is about to release a new Karl Lagerfeld mini collectible figure. The "doll" comes in the full Karl outfit,(His classic accessories for the "kaiser" but the fan is missing again. Don't you think?) is limited to 1000 pieces and will go for around 190 USD (129 €). This is an acceptable price. They will be distributed at Tokidoki flagships in New York, Milan and Los Angeles and select specialty stores for holiday retailing, with Colette getting the exclusive launch next month. Mini Karl will also appear on T-shirts in next spring's K collection.

♡♡ What do you think?♡♡

source: wwd

Friday, September 25

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Hey guys,

It is one year ago that I started this blog. (Thank you Geg, you know WHY!) I hope so developed and you enjoy it together with me. Thank you for your support!

Have a lovely Friday!

Thursday, September 24

She is a huge fan too...

source: Rykielles

Glance behind Julia's back! What cute sweaters skulk on the shelves.


Hey ladies and gentlemen,

Did you see the newest collection of Burberry? My hands don't allow it and by the way - I admit it - I am too lazy to put up all of pictures. Please review the
whole collection because this is a fashion bomb!

Speaking of new Burberry collection, I can purchase a fashionable lace up boots from this brand at a discounted price. What do you think?

Most booties for the said season come in the classic black, let it be the patent, the suede leather or the simple leather. My new platforms are the patent leather version of the boots as worn by the models during the Fall 2007 RTW collection. I can pair with the leggings or classy plaid wideleg pants.

on the catwalk...

This one will surely bring a touch of modernity...

Speaking of new Burberry collection, I can purchase a fashionable lace up boots from this brand at a discounted price. There's no point in taking out payday loans to look glamorous. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 23


First - I would like to thank you for your sweet comments lovely bloggers...many thanks!

Help me, help me... You know - you read. Please help me!!! I think first of all my American readers. Since I caught sight this "bunny" bangle (from Stella McCartney) on Julia's little hand

I can't be freed from the thought since then. Must have pieces for me. The only American people can purchase from Stella's webside. Hungary doesn't have Stella store. Do you understand? Please write the "re help" mail for me. (janettaylor81@gmail.com) My helper can purchase her adorable plexi bangle at a discounted price of $49, down from $115.

Of course I will pay it to you via PayPal. If somebody would order it and would send it would make me happy.

Thanks again!

Tuesday, September 22

Exotic II.

The Icelandic Unnur Fridriksdottir, founded the company UNNURWEAR, in 2006, making high quality handbags, accessories and clothing for fashion forward women all over the world.

You can check out their MEN collection too...I think these are incredible!

Unnur has in this short time won innovation awards for her entrepreneur visions and designs. In summer 2007 Unnur’s handbags were displayed in Iceland’s largest design exhibition to date, Magma/Kvika, at Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum in Reykjavik.

Unnur’s specialty is using sea-leather in her handbags...yes FISH! The fish being used in the current collections is farm grown Icelandic Salmon and farm grown African Perch. After all the name UNNUR means in Icelandic "the waves of the ocean". Reminds me of the Devi Kroell's exotic creations.

In using sea-leather UNNURWEAR is contributing to sustainable fashion, and not endangering any species. There is nothing fishy about that!

The sea-leather smells like regular leather, and the more it’s worn - the better it looks!

UNNURWEAR is about global consciousness of culture, nature and comfort. "After all, we are just natural."

source: Unnur

♥ Mulberry ♥

Monday, September 21


source: coveted & style