Wednesday, May 30

Little rest

Hey dolls,

I must admit I am totally headed over flats - yes, it is a well-known fact, I am not a flat girl, but sometimes I feel my feet need a little rest -  in lust with Valentino's studded patent shoes and finally I  got my hands on these flats in lilac - never seen in this color before. And you?

Tuesday, May 29

Getting It Done Online – No More Queues

The British have something of a reputation for being orderly. There’s a saying that if you put a few Brits in a room, anywhere on earth, they’ll form a queue.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Queuing is the fairest way of ensuring that everyone gets seen in turn and in the order in which they have been waiting.

It’s something that a lot of people don’t seem to have realised, which you’ll know only too well if you’ve ever been in a busy market abroad!

The downside of queuing

For all the positive aspects of a queue, it has to be said that they are quite annoying – just ask the poor souls who recently stood in line for three hours at Heathrow passport control how they feel about queues. It may have been orderly, but three hours is too much for anyone to wait patiently for anything.

Then there are the queues in the shops. You wait in line at the till, at the changing room, even in the car park to find a spot. It’s one long, never-ending queue.

But there is another way. Do your shopping online and you can get it all done when you want, without having to wait for a thing. It takes minutes rather than hours and the range of choice is huge.

Taking control

There is, however, one downside to shopping online, and that’s the delivery. We don’t all have the time to wait in for the postman, meaning you’ll be getting one of those little delivery slips telling you where to go to pick up your parcel. And you know what that means don’t you? You’ve guessed it: more queues.

Now there is a way to beat even the queues at the post office. Choose Collect plus delivery on your next purchase, which allows you to allocate a shop to pick up your parcel in your own time.

It’s convenient, and with over 4,500 locations to choose from, there’s bound to be one close to you. No queues, just convenient parcel management. It’s also easier to send back any returns and usually free with big online retailers.

You can still appreciate queues, but it’s much easier to enjoy them when you’re not in one!


Happy Tuesday!

Nowadays I think I prefer something a bit in between basic and cool dresses with an extra spice, for example in the cut.
Altough the Lover brand is best known for lace which, incidentally they are really sensational and it has become very popular, I would nevertheless choose to buy a simple corset dress, especially it cost no more than £10,50 plus the shipping cost at ebay - again and again. I shall wear the simple white Tee under the part of corset - of course - and I add a little lard like my new studded flat shoes by Valentino and a lovely clutch. Little bit a magical disconnect but can you imagine it, cannot? 

linen corset denim dress: Lover


Monday, May 28

so perfection...

Happy Monday!

Oksana's style is perfect for this season. Do not you think?

She wears absolutely charming outfit including all pieces around Stella McCartney blouse and bright color sandals, floral skirt from Christopher Kane, Erickson Beamon Bib necklace and last but not least that cute clutch by Jay Ahr.

source: Büro 24/7

Sunday, May 27 a toy...

Happy long weekend, my dears! 

Clutch again! 

Mixing colors give this clutch its lovely finishing touch...look like a toy! Maybe a bit of Lego and I am sure we all loved Lego! Do not you? 


leather clutch bag - Jamin Puech

Friday, May 25

Violet & Daisy

Happy Friday! 

Rings on my mode! Little yellow violet by Les Nereides what you have to know and a yellow daisy from a vintage shop. I just try them on and admire how lovely my hand looks. They have definitely made a good match, do not you think? 

violet ring - Les Nereides 
daisy ring - noname


Thursday, May 24


Hello my dears, 

So I went on shopping yesterday. I was going on the spur of the moment on this little shopping spree by way of consolation but overall I got home with a huge bag with couple of beautiful stuff among others these lovely dresses. 

I love vintage- and second-hand stores because they are these places where to find a fun way to save some costs for unique and cheaper clothes sometimes these will be designer items if I get lucky enough dose. What about you? 

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little pink dress with some girly sketches - Miss Real
purple-ish floral dress with suede star motifs - Johann

Wednesday, May 23

Woodland denizen

Hi dolls, 

Few month ago at a website I was seeing Victoria Beckham with a lovely Hillier necklace and I cannot believe it I had never heard of Katie Hillier until now...Shame me, because Katie has designed the most adorable animal-inspired jewellery for her own line and she has collaborated among other as Marc Jacobs and Loewe

This site what I was inspired to searching what jewelry label - and sigh wish I could find.
I cannot beleive, but two weeks...since my birthday is coming and just got them early bday present from myself! Guess what? A little woodland denizen who can carry delicious fruits on its back - but it's only in fairy tale - I think. A lovely paperclip hedgehog necklace - oh-so-lucky hit what I have. 

silver hedgehog pendant with onyx winking eye - Hillier

Tuesday, May 22



Hello darlings, 

As we know nowadays the casinos do not necessarily equate to control in outfits. Forasmuch the posture, the party's dresses - traditional gown not only option for a great coming out - fancy accessories as a pair of oversize sunglasses at the poker table can also affect others' perceptions... it is true, I guess and I compiled a special A-Z post if we are going to play casino games

Which one would you choose? 

Start a little bit alternative version for an instant chic outfit - Charlie by Matthew Zink jumpsuit with a pair of open toe flats, horseshoe earrings and a beautiful clutch. 

What then? Make a statement dress it up for a black jack party with Prada "Kiss Me" blouse, navy pants,  lucky charm necklace and fancy shoes by Jean  Paul Gaultier. What can I say more? Just win, babe!
At the poker table? May it be a pair of towering mesh sandals, simple pants, oversize sunnies and Alexander McQueen kaftan.

The winning is before our very eyes. when we are sitting in the face of the pretty dealer who wears a pair of beaded pants with simple "ace" Tee, double breasted blazer and hiper high heels.

I have already imagined it in this feeling and you?

Monday, May 21


Okay finally the summer is here again.

I seriously have tons of accessory favorites in my closet like the sunnies I never leave the house without either of them. I just do not feel like myself without these, especially the X-large versions. So 60's...Jackie Onassis, she had the kind of oversized sunglasses' woman - signature sunglasses. Do not you think?

And now here are my populars from my closet...Which one is your favorite?

black cat-eyes sunnies with art arms- Basso Brooke x Linda Farrow
purple ones - Alain Mikli
blue round frames sunnies - Emmanuel Katsaros
floral "butterfly" sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana
black classy ones - Celine
red ones - Chanel

Laat Me Blijven

source: Design Scene

Sunday, May 20

Walk in Hefner's slippers...

Happy Sunday!

Fancy feet...fancy fancy in a pair of King's slippers, next to pajamas trend or out and away at the same time, I guess.
Fashion World calls Hefner's slippers. and the last fall season we fell in love this trend because so majestic and comfy. I am sure you were able to see buyer's market and believe me - me too. I was looking for the perfect couple and voila.

smoking slippers - El Caballo

Matador Chic

Friday, May 18

How I met Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Red and White Queen...

Hey sweeties, 

While half the world has gone mad for the Candy collection from Furla I just pursue what my heart desires... What is that? I have missed an older Talent Hub collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It breaks my heart to think of this collection's pieces - this was a truly beautiful collection but to this day finally. I got a successfully search at eBay and I was the winner. Lucky lucky me! 

Itty pitty rabbit-head as a clasp and lovely lining... Starring the White Rabbit and the print of the skin is like a perfect fairytale. Do not you think? 

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