Tuesday, May 29


Happy Tuesday!

Nowadays I think I prefer something a bit in between basic and cool dresses with an extra spice, for example in the cut.
Altough the Lover brand is best known for lace which, incidentally they are really sensational and it has become very popular, I would nevertheless choose to buy a simple corset dress, especially it cost no more than £10,50 plus the shipping cost at ebay - again and again. I shall wear the simple white Tee under the part of corset - of course - and I add a little lard like my new studded flat shoes by Valentino and a lovely clutch. Little bit a magical disconnect but can you imagine it, cannot? 

linen corset denim dress: Lover


  1. Nagyon cuki ez a ruci, tetszik!:)

  2. Anonymous9:19 am CEST

    Very nice dress!

  3. What a pretty dress! Love the color and most especially the price. ;)

  4. I love that dress. So pretty.

  5. Such a cute dress :) Would be perfect with a tee and studded shoes :)


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