Wednesday, July 31

heart me!

graffiti sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana
white straw hat - from Max Mara outlet (last seen here)

at home

Monday, July 29

hippie chic

straw hat with pom poms - from Max Mara outlet (last seen here & here)
assymetric hoop earrings - Zara
paisley jacket - Zara
basic T-shirt
life is freedom" silver bangle; twin skull bangle and gold plated bangle - - Max & Co; Alexander McQuuen and Ailoria (for example: here)
silky printed "pajama" pants - Max&Co
magnolia and moth flat sandals - Givenchy (zoom here)
black patent peekaboo bag - Fendi (zoom here)

Friday, July 26

heart me!

 graffiti sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana

Thursday, July 25

happy happy denim

girly "girl gang" embroidered denim jacket - Max & Co (zoom here)
denim dungarees - vintage
straw bag with pom poms - from Vivre (zoom here)
incredible sculpture "totem" sandals - Yves Saint Laurent (zoom here)

Wednesday, July 24

pink is the new black

nude pink Sicily mini bag - Dolce Gabbana
denim dungarees - vintage
hot pink strappy leather sandals - Walter Steiger

Monday, July 22

hippie chic

straw hat with pom poms - from Max Mara outlet (last seen here)
Carlina sunnies - Chloé
white ethnic top - Zara
gold plated necklace with charms - Max & Co (zoom here)
life is freedom" silver bangle and gold plated bangle - - Max & Co and Ailoria (zoom here)
nude pink Sicily mini bag as belt bag - Dolce Gabbana 
ripped bf jeans - thrifted
not seen here:

Saturday, July 20

pink is the new black

floral quilted bomber jacket - Zara
sunglasses - Thierry Lasry
pink suede handbag - Zara
powder pink satin sneakers - Vans
gold plated bracelet


watercolor rockstud ballerinas - Valentino (zoom here & here)
printed skirt - Weekend MaxMara (last seen here)
nude pink Sicily mini bag - Dolce Gabbana

Thursday, July 18

hey sailor!

oversize blue leather bag  - MaxMara (last seen here)


girly "girl gang" embroidered denim jacket - Max & Co

Wednesday, July 17

pink is the new black

beret love


Carlina sunnies - Chloé
lucite leaves earrings - Zara
white ribbed T-shirt - Zara
watercolor  necklace - vintage
denim dungarees - vintage
handmade "elephant" basket bag - mango
pastel lace socks - mango
watercolor rockstud ballerinas - Valentino (zoom herehere)

you are a star

urban jungle

dragonfly snakeskin sandals - Miu Miu
floral dress - vintage
ethnic embroidered kaftan - Zara (last seen here)

Tuesday, July 16



Monday, July 15

Sunday, July 14

red is the new black

Carlina sunnies - Chloé
Mama's brocade sunglasses (Sicilian) Dolce & Gabbana
red wool double breasted jacket -vintage
white T-shirt with paisley print - Zara
bf jeans
Majolica printed circle bag - Dolce & Gabbana (zoom here; herehere and here)
braided bag with adorable twilly - vintage (zoom here) with Louis Vuitton (zoohere)
red leather pointed flats - Zara
white leather classy sneakers - Gucci

pink is the new black

Friday, July 12


white straw hat - from Max Mara outlet
Carlina sunnies - Chloé
lucite earrings - Zara
gold plated necklace with charms - Max & Co
oversize white dress - Zara (last seen here)
"life is freedom" silver bangle - Max & Co
gold plated bangle - Ailoria

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Thursday, July 11


watercolor rockstud ballerinas - Valentino (other pick: here)
happy "girls" socks - Tiger Store

Wednesday, July 10

Monday & the weekdays

straw hat
Mona Lisa T-shirt - Zara
black WOC bag - Chanel (zoom here)
bf jeans - Zara
watercolor rockstud ballerinas - Valentino (zoom here)

Botanical 504.


Monday, July 8

What do they have in common 39.?

straw hat with pom poms - from Max Mara outlet (zoom here)
white marble sunglasses - Emilio Pucci
ethnic embroidered kaftan - Zara
braided leather handbag - MaxMara
bf jeans - Zara
knitted superstar sneakers - adidas aq2881

straw hat - Yosuzi (zoom here)
blue and white embroidered ethnic tunic - Zara
braided straw  shopper bag with adorable twilly - vintage with Louis Vuitton (zoom here)
bf jeans - Zara
leather and canvas pineapple platforms - Gucci 

Sometimes you can find a root - root of your style; great item for your closet and you as soon as you can buy more and more of this, then you can trust of it will be timeless yet and you can feel. Yes it is, lose hold of it, it is absurd don't! Nevermore! Something kimono, tunic and kaftan.

lace sunnies - Valentino 
silver hoop earrings - old Mango
white sheer blouse - made in italy (zoom here)
embroidered kimono - Zara

embroidered kimono - Zara

embroidered ethnic midi tunic - Zara
adorable twilly  - Louis Vuitton (zoom here)
brown pilot sunnies - Dsquared2
seahorse and fish earrings - Zara
ripped "LOVE 100%" bf jeans - Zara
bamboo large Ark bag -  Cult Gaia
bandanas - vintage and Zara Man
white leather classy sneakers - Gucci

embroidered kimono - Zara
black "Noir" sunglasses - miu miu
white tunic - H&M
small and limited edition multicolor Eiffel Tower flapbag - Chanel (last seen herehere and here)
not seen here:
ripped bf jeans

Sunday, July 7


straw hat with pom poms - from Max Mara outlet
white marble sunglasses - Emilio Pucci

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Thursday, July 4

Botanical 503.

Botanical 502.

Botanical 501.

pink is the new black

pink cocktail - Stoli Mule (Monin and Stoli Vodka)
furniture and decor - various designer at our home