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Tuesday, December 29


I bought a vintage Chanel Agenda...

Is not too small, not to big...this has a perfect size.

I would only have to purchase the calendar refill for a small 6 ring binder. I hope so this will be easy shopping.

"modern" Agendas from Chanel...

What do you think?

Monday, December 28


Gabrielle Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli both had enormous influence in all the spheres in which they orbited, and both left a permanent mark on the taste of our time. Elsa was born in Italy (Rome) in 1890. Elsa, nicknamed Schiap, was truly grand; her mother was a Neapolitan aristocrat, her father a renowned scholar and bibliophile. From childhood, Schiaparelli browsed through the priceless illuminated manuscripts curated by her father, developing a lifetime passion for the makers of fine art, many of whose talents she employed in the magnificent fashion house she created at an early age.

When got married when she was only 18-year-old, she gave birth to a baby and afterwards she divorced him, after a turbulent marriage.

“Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women”

Schiap started her real career in New York, and, during the Jazz Age, she opened a small shop near the Place Vendome where she sold her first collection devoted to sportswear, then all the rage for liberated women.

She was in Place Vendome on this photo.

Inspired by the geometrical vocabulary of art deco and cubism, taking advantage of the flexibility of new synthetic fibers, and inspired by the paintings of Picasso, Braque, and Mondrian, Schiap created a sensation.

This is a famous sweater from 1927, she created this black sweater with a white bow at the neck and it was shown in the French Vogue. I have never seen before this. I thought this is Sonia Rykiel's creation. Isn't it cute?

In 1937 she created the back-to-front suit, and it was copied by Karl Lagerfeld in 1986.

Schiap's career didn't really survive World War II, since a shattered public was no longer in tune with the eccentricities of the Jazz Age.
In 1954 and Schiaparelli left her work and wrote her autobiography entitled “My Shocking Life”.

She died in 1973. Her fashion house was re-opened in 1977 and you can still buy things from (click) it.

I think she was a great designer, always added some humour in her designs.

Sunday, December 27

Midnight Rain

Hello lovely readers,

I'm crazy for the fresh parfums...but my cute boyfriend surprised me with the La Prairie Midnight Rain for Christmas. He is loving this, but I'm a fresh parfum girl...this is a little bit spicier for me...neverthless I admired the bottle for the Midnight Rain scent and it's name is lovely too. I tried this of course, I guess it would probably also work well in the daytime during colder months. (on this winter) and I like it much better after wearing it for few hours than I did. Thank you lover. You are the best.

La Prairie Midnight Rain eau de parfum features top notes of guava, mandarin, pomegranate and freesia. It has heart notes of white lily, vanilla orchid, plum flower and amber flower, followed by base notes of patchouli, vetiver, cashmere woods and musk.

Saturday, December 26


One of my favourite Chtistmas gift from my uncle...

Amazing and incredible selection of really great fashion with great descriptions of the history of fashion on politics.

Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, 1900-1990

"Vintage Fashion is the ultimate guide to the most exemplary women's clothing from the turn of the twentieth century through the end of the 1980s. Along with a detailed, authoritative text, this gorgeous book offers more than 250 outstanding full-color photographs showcasing the quality fabrics, innovative techniques, silhouettes, shapes, and exquisite workmanship that are testimony to enduring and influential styles.

Each chapter focuses on a specific decade and is a rich survey of each era, placing the evolution of women's fashion in a cultural context. The most important designers and signature looks are discussed in detail and emphasized through beautiful illustrations, photographs, and fabric swatches. Finally, each chapter ends with a Key Looks feature that offers an at-a-glance view of the important shapes, colors, and details that defined each era.

Vintage Fashion concludes with a shopping guide, which not only offers tips on where to buy vintage pieces, but also how to care for them, and glossaries on fashion terms and the century's most collectable and important designers. The definitive word on the most influential designers and looks of the twentieth century, this book is an invaluable resource for lovers of fashion and vintage clothing as well as a source of inspiration for designers and those looking to spice up their personal style."

source: Harper Collins

....and one of my favourite photo by "awesome book" from Coco Chanel ('30)

Friday, December 25


I think we love a winter trend that helps to keep out the bitter cold at the same time as looking full stylish, which is why we will be investing in at least one snood this winter. What expense? I will be honest I was not able to be prepared to spend a lot on this and I like it better with the hand made things and I guess a simple Chanel brooch will be a plus fantastic accessory. This is a scarf-come-hood that goes on over the head and around the neck like a scarf. How practical and cool...

Check my snood with other lovely grey set out...from etsy...only 13$...YAY!

What's your opinion of snood?

Just a lovely neck-warming trend...

Wednesday, December 23

Wonderful Xmas!


First of all - ♥Enter the brooches giveaways!

That's awful! Ooops...

How to take care of high heels?

Idealheel? Right names think alike!


safety of high heels

more information: IdealHeel

Tuesday, December 22

Sketch for my favourite T

First of all - ♥Enter the brooches giveaways!

Secondly - Oh so slushy ways... I hate so this. And you? This is cruel. It deprives me of something. Sigh...from my wonderful shoes. I'm a shoe girl but I am not able to toddle with my beautiful designer shoes. I went to H&M to buy some cotton tops on the sale prices. I was able to find a simple white T-shirt with an awesome illustration. I was bright. Am I a shoe girl? Yepp, but I adore bags too. This Tee is lovely. Totally me! Don't you think? I will mix this with a wool jacket. This piece is part of collection designed by Laura Laine. Check the incredible drawing.

Beautiful girl with an incredible oversize bag...I will be a bag girl with my new top in the wet weather.

Happy Holidays!


Firstly - ♥Enter the brooches giveaways!

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Monday, December 21

Early Xmas Present

Firstly - ♥Enter the brooches giveaways!

Just got a great early Xmas present from Chanel...not according to the word - of course. I gifted myself. What do you think? Is this a great bargain for me?

Sunday, December 20


Hello darling readers,

First of all - Happy Holidays!

Look at my brooches giveaways. Oh yeah, your eyesight also are clear. This post has two gifts for you.
On 1st of January, I will choose two lucky winners in total, one for the beautiful crochet brooch and one for the other cute brooch. Then I'll announce it on my blog and will need the winners to give me their emails so that I can contact them to mail out the giveaways.

Meanwhile, peek-a-boo into their shops and see the conditions and the rules. Latter of course identical with the latest ones.

The first brooch is an adorable crochet brooch from The Brooch Boutique (I wonder who will be the lucky one?)

This is a very stunning boutique where the knitting wool is the capital creating material. The crocheted things are adorable. Don't you think?
Furthermore she will offer a 10 % discount (refund through Pay Pal) on purchases made in December and January to everybody who writes "Janetteria" in message to Mette!

Do not forget these, especially if you will not be the winner of this brooch!

...and the second brooch/pinback button

This would looks so cute on a bag...

Here is an important information, that you can make a choice then. Click here. Just adorable... and you, what do you think?

Anne is actually a French illustrator. She has a boutique and a blog. Her shop's name comes from her kids names. Matis and Lou has become MatiLou.

It's worth checking her illustrations.
By the way are you curious about a little video? Click over here! Is she a cute, pretty and talented lady? My vote is a big yes.

I can encourage you to a shopping. I hope so!

Enjoy these and enter the brooches giveaways.

Regular rule:

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Closes on the 1st of January.

Good luck!

Saturday, December 19


source: W Magazine

Friday, December 18

Dear Jesus....

Your eyesight is clean, darling readers.

The Hungarian children will not write to the Santa for the Christmas gifts. Here, Jesus brings our gifts.

What's at the top of my wish list this year?

that's it:

{You know, I purchased a wonderful vintage Chanel wallet from the 80's, but this is big for my any bag...but I know this is a luxury wish...*sigh*}

and Yours?

Thursday, December 17

Who is he?

Wednesday, December 16


source: Little Ashes