Thursday, May 3


Hey dolls,

I must admit  I don not buy expensive clothing - hardly ever. I am not saying it does not happen to find something brilliant and luxury at my favorite vintage or second hand stores. If they do they are designer things then these come from ebay, outlets or second hand stores -  in super low - fraction of the original - price. Example look at!

But mostly expensive items I purchase are my bags, shoes, accessories and jewelery. Most of my clothes are from  inditex brands and vintage stores that are reasonably priced.  I enjoy wearing a pair of exclusive shoes while rocking cheaper clothes. Now I am also wearing an Asos floral sheer dress with Givenchy heels and carrying a patent green handbag from Marni

The point is that these clothes would be soft material such as in cotton, silk or cashmere.

Apart from this I think a few designer pieces fascinate me and searching a similar but cheaper items.
Animal prints were big news in few season - primarily the pets and gorgeous pieces in cat prints - the first place thanks to Miu Miu and I am lucky because I have a pair of clogs in daisy print.
At last season they came up with hiper cute dress from Victoria Beckham. Enchant me. but too expensive. Save the money my new motto!

Meet the latest addition - I found it at a second hand store, it cost no more than $10, and quite possibly the new favorite, to my ever-growing animal inspired collection. Last seen example here. What do you think?

cat printed tunic - Dorothy Perkins


  1. nagyon Ilkás és Zsanis ♥

  2. I am the same way, darling!
    Cute tunic!


  3. This tunic is ideal for an afternoon at the beach;-)

  4. Clever shopping and mixing is much more important than expensive stuff. That's a lovely tunic!

  5. Nice choice! it look s great at day or at night.

  6. perfect tunic...i love it love with 2hand shops...i have a shop in my site.

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

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