Thursday, September 30

Monday & the weekdays

Hey loves,

What I am wearing today... I feel fine and inspired me to the vintage vibe for my daily outfit. What do you think?

blue and brown jersey jacket - vintage

black sweater dress - M&S

brown leather bag - Mulberry Roxanne

pineapple platforms with black woolen tights (not seen here} - Gucci Pigna

What are you wearing?

Wednesday, September 29

So perfection...

source: Star Style

Sienna's style is perfect for this season. Don't you think?
She wears nude clothes from Topshop except the fur coat, printed bag by Prada and Beatrix Ong pumps.

Save Your Shoes For The Next Few Weeks

Hi darlings,

I'm such a tights girl!

I am using tights almost everyday because I rarely wear pants. My mood hasn't been changing for the totally colder season. Just impossible, this time is a between-season of my mind and save my summery shoes for the next few weeks. 

I am talking about my cut out pairs and add to the woolen tights for the lasting wearing. I think to keep wearing peep toes with cozy tights in fall as long as I can do till my toe get frozen...

What do you think?

Tuesday, September 28


Hey loves,

Did I thrift this month? What did I find? As I mentioned few weeks ago, I bought some knitted pieces example the showed pucci-esque skirt. And the last bomb was at this thrift store when I found the most adorable bit of bubble jumper from Acne. I love in all of its details. Bubble of bottom, indigo color, the bridles with little buttons and its material of course; 50% woolen! My heart jumped for joy when it turned out that its size was fitted for my body.

my new woolen jumper - Acne

What do you think?

Monday, September 27

Before - After

source: Mulberry
click at enlarge

Do you like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty  and their friends? What Peanuts characters that I loved. Yes, in commemoration of Peanuts 60th Anniversary, a special limited edition Bayswater bag in classic Oak color. What do you think?

Happy Monday!

photo credit: Eye Model Management

Sunday, September 26

Guess who?

Autumny Leather Love

Saturday, September 25

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Hey sweeties,

Two years has passed since that I started my blog in the 25th of September. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me since I continued this blog. I love you all!

Friday, September 24

Guess who?

Thursday, September 23

Monday & the weekdays

Hey guys,

I can't wait my new Fairy pumps to arrive because I think for one last chance to wear them in this year. Lots of ideas with what I will wear...but this one from my wardrobe that I wanted to show to you. So simple but fresh and chic for any program. What do you think?


little cape - Primark

knitted black dress - M&S

lilac pumps with gray woolen tights (not seen here, but click here if you are a curious person) - Prada

black quilted bag - Chanel Mademoiselle (last seen here)

Wednesday, September 22


Hey loves,

See these little messages with the b&w photos when you arrive on my blog...

Look at the way...

Please pick up your favourite bag...

and shoes...what a pretty...

Are you in hiding? Haha! So cute...

Look! Bit of details are still important, indeed...

Are you ready for an evening party? What will you wear?

How sexy you are! Please don't forget...

Have a lovely day!

"A Dance To The Music Of Time"

source: Fashion Copious

Before - After

(click at enlarge) 
photo credit by me
similar idea: here

What is the different? 

I have attached a black silk ribbon to its chain. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 21

"Die Another Day"

Hey guys,

The real title of this editorial is "Ghost In The Shell", but reminds me of  video clip of "Die another day" by Madonna...

What do you say to this?

source: Behance

Monday, September 20

Monday & the weekdays

Hey loves,

I think one of the reasons the cardi has maintained popularity over the past century and a half is due to its extreme versatility. The cardigan can be worn alone, layered, belted, or with leggings. The possibilities are endless.

lo! {What I wore today}

woolen black & cream stripped knitted cardi - H&M

black tunic dress - Intimissimi

simple black cotton leggings - Primark

grey and black lace up shoes - Chanel (Resort 2002)

black quilted bag with white camellia pin - Chanel (both)

What do you think?

cardi love post: here, here and here

Guess who?

"Taxi Driver"

via: imdb and

Sunday, September 19


Hi darlings,

Slowly here is the time I will rearrange clothes in drawers and wardrobes that will be reach for the colder seasons. The warmer clothes, accessories and boots come to the front. Last seen here my preparation for my brown shoes. What about you?

Saturday, September 18

Studio 54

source: trendstop

Thursday, September 16

Guess who?

Glicine + scalloped + fairy

Hey guys,

I am in love with Prada "Fairy" collection and as you know finally found these Prada wedges at eBay; two years later and I am madly happy; am I lucky? 

This feeling has heightened when I bought of my new pair from this collection. What a sweetheart! I adore glicine color, classy style with the scalloped edges… overall, I think this suede pump from Prada is fantasticl! 

glicine suede scalloped pumps - Prada

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 15

Not Easter Bunny