Thursday, January 31

Bit of sparkle

Hello darlings,
Now you know I love the special jewelry but I am not really a person that likes sparkly things or I am going to refute? Sigh, it seems! I generally prefer the different and astounding things if possible, but I have admit I must have a ladylike and timeless watch. What do you think?
A long long time ago I used to wear a vintage Gucci watch, I could say stick to the classy pieces...and now will be replaced with an automatic watch and I am madly happy when I discovered Reichenbach's items...

automatic watch - Reichenbach
rings - Maiocci
rose gold plated silver butterfly bracelet - Bijou Bijou
matryoshka dollbutlers

Diamonds are forever & Chanel


Wednesday, January 30

Guess who?


Hello darlings,

See these little messages with the photos when you arrive at my blog...

Look at the way...

Please pick up your favourite bag...
and shoes...what a pretty...
Are you in hiding?
Look! Bit of details are still important, indeed...
Are you ready for an evening party? What will you wear?
How sexy you are! Please don't forget...

Tuesday, January 29


Hello gals,

My shoe wardrobe has had needed just one chic addition for the next seasons, because a ladylike pump makes a swift statement; good with even a pair of jeans...
The black is the best choice, but I have lots of basic black shoes so I just purchased a pop up color shoes but their shape is really classy...

raspberry pumps with golden chain detail - Casadei


Monday, January 28

Saturday, January 26

Guess who?


Thursday, January 24


Let you know kitten or low heels are not really my thing but sometimes every girl's feet may feel tired, especially in the winter...

my dalmation chelsea boots - Senso


source: Audrey Grace

Tuesday, January 22

Wild things 2.

Hello darlings,

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but so expensive, right - but what about Swarovski jewelry? If you are nodding while reading this volunteer great alternative, then I strongly suspect this itinerary may be the one for you.

I have to admit I am not a full fan of its all pieces, because some items are definitely kitschy for me. I think I need more and more like when a few wilder jewelry get a pair of crystal eyes from this brand or make for a signal with Swarovski crystal; according to Maria Francesca Pepe, because example she has created awesome jewelry for different ages and sex. Not to mention that she has managed these kind of crystals; yes perfectly. I am crazy of her jewelry as well as another favorite - Matina Amanita. Unusual is my favorites and that's why? This is unequivocal - any girly outfit would be easy to toughen it up with these wild pieces. Do not you think? 

Let you know so I have made a lion of my wild things and just enjoy it when you have a little free time.

T-Rex pendant - Sophie Hulme 
Gold plated silver blossom ring - Matina Amanita 
Amour dead cat ring -  Matina Amanita 
Gold plated eagle skull ring - Matina Amanita; Xmas gift from my lover
Spike earrings - Maria Francesca Pepe
Rose gold earcuffs with purpleish Swarovski jewel - Maria Francesca Pepe
Gear rings - Joanna Cave
Rose gold plated "Amor Los Une" ring - Maria Francesca Pepe
Tiger ring with emerald green Swarovski jewels eyes - Bimba & Lola
Gold plated double skull bangle with amber Swarovski jewels - Alexander McQueen
Rhinoceros - Bex Rox
Rose gold butterfly ring - Bijou Bijou

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