Friday, September 30


It is time, yes the perfect opportunity to treat myself to a pair of new shoes. Therapy!

harlequin silky and leather sandals - Bionda Castana

the duo

red is the new black

pink is the new black

source: Facebook

Thursday, September 29

What do they have in common 20.?

Sometimes you can find a root - root of your style; great item for your closet and you as soon as you can buy more and more of this then you can trust of it will be timeless - yet and you can feel - yes it is, lose hold of it, it is absurd - do not! Nevermore! Currently this is the Chanel flap bag and I am lucky because I have some pairs. For example:

full outfit posts: 1st and 2nd

the tone

more: Revs

ear(s)ly morning

I am making my debut, yepp! My new earrings - my new funny earrings (my motto: If I am going with a pair of statement earrings; leaving the other jewels at home - just enough!) and my simple breton top and denim dungarees. Thursday almost Friday! Haha! Full outfit? Let you click here and here! Actually a blue jacquard Sportmax coat, a blue clutch and one of my favorite Charlotte Olympia pumps.

metal and beaded mix earrings - Kuola La
breton top - H&M
denim dungarees - Zara (last seen here and here)
bamboo watch - Gucci

Wednesday, September 28

Chanel Girls 145.


and happy Indian Summer, my dears!

dress - H&M
leather and canvas pineapple platforms - Gucci

heart me!

Tuesday, September 27


you are a star

Monday, September 26

you are a star

source: Garance Doré

Sunday, September 25