Saturday, August 30

Some Old Some New

black blazer with silk trim - H&M
breton top - thrifted
skull and bones red velvet heels - Giambattista Valli
black leather bag - Balenciaga (I have changed for a  pair of short leather frings, because the original has defect.)
Blue Boy nail polish - Chanel
watch - vintage Nivada
rings, earrings and skull bangle - Matina Amanita Maria Francesca Pepe and Alexander McQueen (last seen here)

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Friday, August 29


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Wednesday, August 27

Back to 2011

In this post I am going to show you my new obsession, back to 2011, at Spring and Summer and the Fendi's runway.

I have to admit I was weak and I could not resist when I saw these frames again at a shopping sale. Oh man I am a sunglasses junkie...(proof: here; here and here)

Their incredible shape is very cool and perfect for pimping up any outfit that needs a touch of mega unique look... What do you think?

Gigi Love

Botanical 98.

Tuesday, August 26

Monday, August 25

Guess who?

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Sunday, August 24


Botanical 96.

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Friday, August 22

Guess who are they?

helper: a famous blogger and her mum

Botanical 95.

Get happy

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Wednesday, August 20

Homecoming dresses

Hi my dears,

Little black dress is one of my favorites. Absolutely good choice for any occasion, but what do you think some red, white and navy evening dresses with lace or any twist of these styles?

As you know even though it was only 20th of August, the school time would come soon. School, high school and important, exciting events. For example homecoming event of course, because homecoming is a celebratory affair that welcomes the start of a new school year.

Do you remember when you were all at sea at your wardrobe and the feeling? You said: I have not a thing to wear. In such cases as it were it is really difficult in a teenage life. Well, let's get to the point...

I have a good news! Learning about the superb dressv short homecoming dress by a lovely site ( however, can help make the selection process a little less challenging. Do you have a pair of bronzed legs you have got via summer? For this reason I too have voted in favour of short homecoming dresses. What is your tips for teenagers? Short or maxi, lace-y or glittery? 

Go for it girls, make yourself easy about it, you will be a star!