Wednesday, March 31


Hello buddies,

First of all - Please don't forget to join the Sporty Knit Tigh-High Socks GIVEAWAY!♥

Secondly - Remember my previous "What's this" post? Yepp, Jessica from style obsession left a good answer, she invented it! You are great! ♥

Little story: I found them at online auction, but one of pair missing the handle, broken on rather. I think I will gladly take these to the cobbler for repair, becuse these gorgeous collector's must have tea cup heels from Miu Miu. I put my hands on them.

My Miu Miu teacup pumps from S/S 08 collection

But I have to be careful then in the future, because those handles are tender things. By the way they are worth of money all the same. Don't you think?

Tuesday, March 30

Vogue girl(ie)

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source: popbee

Monday, March 29

What's this?

P.S.: Please don't forget to join the Sporty Knit Tigh-High Socks GIVEAWAY!♥

Sunday, March 28

Miu Miu - Again

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source: Fudge

Saturday, March 27

♥lace 'em up♥

Hey blogger buddies,

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Sporty Knit Tigh-High Socks GIVEAWAY!♥

I had not loved before. What? I say BLUE, especially light blue. But, these shoes call my name. Hello Janet... I'm a soft suede beautiful high heel sandals from Paul & Joe. Mhmmmm...

I surrendered for my longing.


What do you think?

Friday, March 26


♥Please don't forget to join the Sporty Knit Tigh-High Socks GIVEAWAY!♥

What I wore today...

brown A-line dress - Next
mustard muslin blouse with necktie - ?
brown leather shoulder bag - vintage Gucci
leather and canvas pineapple printed platforms - Gucci

Great mustard...don't you think?

Thursday, March 25


"We are a female owned store and we do all our own photos. We focus on trendy city girl style fashion."

I think this is a new girly store what includes so many fashionable and cheap legwears.


The winner will get the Sporty Knit Tigh-High Socks.


So trendy! Don't you think?

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Wednesday, March 24

Daily accessories

black satin and suede sandals with bow - Moschino
leather bowling bag -

Hi blogger friends,

This a quick post from my actually daily accessories. I am glad my google readers exceed 200 person on this week. Thank you darlings. Everybody is okay? I hope...
By the way I reveal a little secret. My next post will include a giveaway. Please, don't forget it.

Tuesday, March 23

round & round...

Hey loves,

My new sunglasses look so retro. They are the round framed style made popular a few seasons by Lily Allen, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Mary-Kate Olsen. I finally bought them. What a great bargain! The black sunglasses are a "must have" accessories... Don't you think? My choice was a vintage and 60' style sunglasses by Chanel.

black round sunglasses - Chanel (model 5120)

What about you?

Sunday, March 21

please gimme...


source: Neiman Marcus

Friday, March 19


Twenty8Twelve denim shirt


See by Chloe shorts

Miu Miu clogs

Mulberry bag

Sretsis rabbit ring


Thursday, March 18

Ghost of Hippie

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

I missed you all again. This weather is happy, finally!

Start me up a little combo for the next season...

Slogan: Go dutch with clogs in the centre of interest!

white cotton top with sleeves - H&M
lilac paisley dress - Mango
light purple clogs with rosettes (flower) - Chanel (limited edition)
canvas and leather shoulder bag - Prada

Isn't this trendy? Am I ready for the warmer seasons?


Oh and look at my new babies from Balenciaga (S/S 08)!

Remember? Lindsay and Nicole were in these.

Wednesday, March 17

Look at the spring!

what's this - sunnies

colour - multicolored/floral
label - Sretsis
designer - Pim Sukhahuta
from where - Maximillia
what do you think - Please leave a comment Honey!

Tuesday, March 16

zooming to the smallest detail

Hey darlings,

I finally found the newer (vintage) cardi by Christian Dior. I'm crazy for this from first sight. I thought this iconic toffee coloured knitted cardi (like a between-season jacket) what my closet will be needing for the end of winter and yes the next fall too. Where did I get my excellent vintage purchase? What do you think?

(click on the pic for the full cardi)

camel knitted cardi with fur collar - vintage Dior

Monday, March 15

Monday & the weekdays

Hello dearest bloggers,

How are you? I would like to say thanks to everybody, who take a part in my blog in the future too. I shall continue too my blogging, but my internet trouble didn't soluble of all detail yet. By the way thank you all of patiences.

Now, I wanted to show you one of my favourite cardigan, which serve as dress from time to time. How do I do this?

What do I add to it?

What Will I Wear?

I think one way to give a cardigan more structure is to add a belt.


I also add to simple black leggings.

white shirt -
Georges Rech
black wool cardigan -
See by Chloe
black leather belt -
Calvin Klein
sculpted heel shoes -
Miu Miu
black bag -
Marc by Marc Jacobs

What about you? Will you be in a versatile cardigan any season?

Saturday, March 13


Happy weekend dearest readers!

You have doubtless heard of the widely popular "boyfriend shirt".

I guess it will be white and little bit oversize. This is a great alternative without spending a dime, just mix for your otherwise ultra-fem style, because the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine elements make the look sophisticated but with an edge. How versatile!

What are my basic choices?

I think if the shirt is slacks and masculine I like the shoe is so girly. So it? Yes, HIGH HEELS!

one of my favourite satin heels with bows - Moschino (new purchase)

Such footwear perfection deserves a handbag of similar style success. Mhmmmm... Chloe Bay be perfect for the sake of the cause...

quilted leather black bag - Chloe

Traditionally masculine fabrics such as herringbone is great choise as well. Don't you think?

classy herringbone tweed pants - See by Chloe (newer purchase)

What about you? Can you prefer my style?


image: Tim Walker

Have a lovely weekend you all!