Wednesday, February 29


Animal goes to the sweaters... how cute!

sweaters: Joules

Tuesday, February 28

You are a Rock!

images: Hedi Slimane

Monday, February 27


Oh guys, remember? 

My favorite hangers from Emma Cook, do you love them? The first one last seen here and my new piece on the simple wallpaper... 

hangers - Emma Cook
tweed jacket - Balmain

LV Colors

Wednesday, February 22

Guess who?

Tuesday, February 21

The knitted sweater...

Hey loves, 

Just lovely and I am glad I found it at eBay for £ 17 because quite expensive to make with the price of wool now. Oh yes, it is with brand name printed and no I am not a huge fan of logo things, but this one is the exception - I think it is inconspicuous - inter alia the reason may be other printed on the woolen material. Do not you think?

grey woolen sweater - Moschino

Monday, February 20

Guess who?


source: Fashion Copious

Saturday, February 18

Guess who?

Who is that little boy? Guess who?

Help for you? Maybe. He is a great actor and a really handsome guy who performed in pair of fashion advertisement among others. Thus he totally would be correlate with fashion. So?



plaid/tartan - Over the past  seven years, plaid has consistently been on everyone’s lists of almost every season. You really cannot go wrong with one of these in your wardrobe. So traditonally and cozy for every time... If you are a bold person let it pair with floral or striped things!
designers: Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren, L.A.M.B., Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Burberry

My own choice:


floral - The florals will always evoke femininity, in black and white or in vibrant technicolor. It almost always becomes a trend during the S/S season and next seasons these will be the hottest trend. Don't consider it...granny. Many opportunities reside in the flowery prints. The fashion designers continually reinterpret the floral. That's true at most houses exception the compulsive minimalists. If you listen to me do not put your floral pieces in the bottom of wardrobe in colder seasons.

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

polka dots - Polka dots things can be fun and flirty. The tiny dots the classic effect is served. It gains especially wide space at the stockings... If you prefer something a little bolder, choose the bigger version of dots. The bigger the pattern, the bigger a statement you will be making.
Designers: Moschino, Miu Miu

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

striped - Delicate horizontal stripes smack of the nautical trend, whilst vertical pinstripes are the domain of the office. The classic sailor-style requires a striped top (so Coco) and when paired with classy pants, you can never go wrong. However, chunky, ferocious looking stripes are having a fashion moment. The big benefit of vertical stripes give an elongated look to your body. Diagonal stripes have the same effect.
Some fashion house uses this print with predilection: Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Missoni...

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

zig zag - The zig zag print mixes and matches well with casual colour. This a wonderful way to add a little sophistication to any outfit!
Great representative of zig zag is Missoni, of course.

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

houndstooth - Houndstooth never goes out of fashion. This special plaid pattern is most commonly found in black and white, but can also look really chic and modern in color. That will become a classic in your closet.
Its current fan though - Alexander McQueen

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

op-art (optical art) - Fashion Designers picked up these art trends and modified them for use in their clothing designs in 1964. Courreges was influenced by the Op-art movement, that is not the "pop art". Op art was the optical trick of contrasting areas of line and colour.
The timely of op-art followers: Eley Kishomoto, Marimekko, Pucci.

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

animal - The animal prints got a big role for new one since the last year - Remember for example the 08 F/W of Balmain collection - but be careful with it. Don't overdo animal prints! Make a choice rather simple pieces to this for example the black pencil skirt/pants.
Designers - Cavalli, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana...

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

paisley - First of all if you are not a big fan of the boho or gypsy look you have to forget the paisley print. A very popular print on all sorts of clothing and fashion accessories during the 60's. Its origin can be traced back to India. Add to any jeans/denim clothes and you may not make a mistake. Some fashion designers regularly incorporate paisley print into their leather handbags and silk clothes. For example: Anna Sui, Etro, Matthew Williamson...

My own choice:

_____ ♥ _____

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Thursday, February 16

Tinker Bell

Hello lovelies, 

Simple quick post for a cute gift. 
So sweet necklace with Tinker Bell pendant from my bf. Yes, that was one of my favorite Valentine's gifts! Thanks my lover!

Tinker Bell necklace  - Swarovski

Salaries on the Scene at Fashion Week

Wednesday, February 15

Flower Etiquette

Hi there, 

Yesterday I received a lovely mail from Diane and I think no problem that Valentine's Day is over now, because this mail included useful and great informations for the next celebrations for example International Women's Day, Mother's Day and so on. Especially if you have any problem with a flowers' report too.  

Thanks darling!

flower guide

source: Frugal Dad

Tuesday, February 14


I have been collecting designer shoes - especially rare and different pieces - for over five years now and I have to say every shoe to be an investment and captures the breath again and again. That's obsession I know. So many favorites what I showed here

What ones am I missing? My new ones...This pair of Carven.

striped pumps - Carven

Monday, February 13

Guess who?

Good Kate, Bad Kate

Friday, February 10

Yellow Violeta

Hey darlings,

We certainly realize that I have been showcasing one of my favorites jewelry especially new coctail rings a lot recently. I must admit it will be my obsession - new or even more renewed and I want to show one more purchase, it is the newest one.

yellow violeta ring - Les Nereides