Friday, May 31

Monday & the weekdays

Hi darlings, 

Last day was my nameday. Let you know namedays are celebrated by Hungarians. 
I wore this outfit! 

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scarf printed jacket - Zara 
floral printed sheer blouse - Forever 21 
ripped boyfriend shorts - River Island 
statement braded necklace - Maiocci 
purple pointy patent shoes - Chloe 
oversize round frame sunglasses - Emmanuel Katsaros 
the Rolls clutch - Marc Jaoobs
not seen here - Furla chain watch, Rochas coctail ring, Bimba & Lola ring and suede green belt by MaxMara

Elisa Nalin

source: The Coveteur

Thursday, May 30

Guess who?

Tuesday, May 28


Hi darlings,

Monday and the weekdays!

I find myself I have a bit of stressful life. There are days like weekdays. I am using my computer almost everyday because l am working as an IT boffin a lot in three shifts then I can not wait to get home - first of all, you know I am a huge supporter of some blogs thus, it may surprise you to know I have an affiliation of checking them. I just get ideas and inspiration by these blogs to create different and interesting posts for my own blogs - I have to admit it might take me ages to do these, but this is a hobby.
I do not have any definite tips other than to be prepared for all situations, but it is a rotation.
Working, blogging at my PC... I make cooking easier dinner, running, bit of reading could finally be relaxing.

Now, this evening I tend to escape a hot soak. I need a relax. I am going to dive in a bubble bath and fortunately we have a TV in our bathroom's wall. Thanks for my lover!

Click click! I guess we use the top digital TV deals and definitely worth it.
If you did not already know. I am a little bit addicted to TV shows at TLC - my most interested of course, art- and fashion-related... LA Ink is one of my favorites. What about you?

Me and the printed

Hi loves,

I have always considered myself a skirts kind of girl...
Do you agree with me that finding pants that fit just right is hard?
I have a much easier time finding dresses and skirts that are flattering than I do perfect pants - except maybe the shorts, especially like when I put my hands on some ripped shorts. I would live in these... but the undeviating question, what do you think about printed pants? Propensity in? Big yes!

Will my new ones suit properly in my closet? Matchy matchy pair...with the kind of wooden platform shoes and a loose T-shirt.

zig zag printed pants - UNANYME Georges Rech

Guess what?

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Monday, May 27

Simple & Twist

Happy Monday! 

The insatiable hunger for clothes will never die away... not the mention what are some of the must-have pieces for every woman's wardrobe - for example the white shirt is a basic staple of a well dressed woman's closet.

When in doubt, always go with a white shirt with a pair of jeans for a perfect daily outfit. Do not you think? 
Spice up this basic outfit with a statement jewellery, high heels...never boring!

simple white shirt with  funny details - twist - skull buttons - Coast, Weber & Ahaus

Oksana On

source: Tatler 

Sunday, May 26

Flower Power

Flowers + vintage + butterfly + ripped denim + high heels + linen... + me = power

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floral linen oversize shirt as jacket - vintage Gucci , similar on Susie Bubble
white linen shirt - Zara
ripped denim shorts - Tezenis
brown leather and chain belt - vintage
black raffia clutch - Stella McCartney
oversize sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana
black silk peeptoes with China rose heels - Prada  
not seen here - Gucci bamboo watch and silver jewellery

Fairy tail

source: MisseyChelles

Saturday, May 25

Guess what?

Moises Nieto

Tuesday, May 21

Guess what?

Chanel with Tilda

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Sunday, May 19

Guess who?

The real life models

Saturday, May 18

...for a rainy day

rubber heels with pom poms - Pepaloves

Irina Doesn't Live Here Anymore

source: Design Scene


striped sheer blouse
leather and canvas bag - Jimmy Choo
bamboo watch - Gucci

Fashion is poison, technology is poison...

Hello darlings,

Fashion is poison is at the forefront of my mind last days. What do I think? 

I am more than crazy to spend my time on eBay, Yoox, Cocosa, The Outnet and so on... I am waiting for the great bargains - actually  as more of a chronic online shopper than anything else. 

"Technology is poison"

So it migth be utterance and what is more talking - when we were seeing favorite things - by shopping boulevard  - fast heart beat - sounds like the shopping is drug and oh man we would all be better, but sometimes we need types of rehab and stop. 

Friday, May 17


Hi darlings,

Remember? Not so long ago, about three years ago I bought this canvas and leather bag from Jimmy Choo and really love it, because it is smart enough to wear to work but screams spring and nautical chic! 

canvas and leahter bag - Jimmy Choo

Broken English