Monday, October 31

New in

Good to see you all, darlings, of course in blogsphere!

Happy Halloween again and what is the news! Oh, just a little purchase for my closet and maybe a little relevant with skull's and bones' details!

What do you think? Now all of day that will be Halloween with it? Hahahahhaaa! .

my new woolen scarf - Givenchy

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27

New in

Hello lovelies,

Quick post for my new babies! What?
Never enough shoes! Right?
I am usually one for platform heels more precisely, the essence of the height and these block heels have completely captured my heart. Say hello, so glad you are mine.
By the way  I love how these Neil Barrett looks are a minimalism style - oh no, I am not a huge fan of minimalism or sometimes all the same. I do not care that I will use them at next sunny seasons and now we are not in these areas... absolutely it was worth buying for £28... Of course I found at eBay. What do you think?

grey suede chunky heels - Neil Barrett

Are you hungry or have you got a fashion-hungry heart?

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Guess who?

I am totally love her McQueen coat! Well, guess who, my darling readers?

Tuesday, October 25

Special Paper Dolls

Hello my dears,

Did you play with and dress paper dolls when you were a little girl? I did and I loved them. I think paper dolls never go out of fashion... Although I must admit, I am not sure especially excited to have about McQueen dresses, not like now.

What do you think?

source: IT

"The woman who is not label obsessed, but is looking for a sublime handbag"

source: Laura Vela

Monday, October 24


Hey guys, 

First of all, Happy Birthday to the Scorpios!
Scorpios are the sexiest of all the zodiac sign. Yes, their style should be sensitive and provocative but never vulgar. Enjoy my selection! Do you like it? 

Saturday, October 22

My Addiction

Hey loves, 

Shoes are my addiction, everybody knows that! More is more! I must admit that I am lost that is to say I lose my head if I see a pair of unique shoes. These are my currently favorites for fall - newest, newer and older or oldest...

other shoe porn posts: here

bondage boots - Vivienne Westwood
bordeaux red ruched T-bar patent pumps - Burberry Prorsum
black ankle boots - Looky
light purple and black scalloped pumps - Miu Miu
black leather with pink satin booties - Bruno Frisoni
black suede lace and bow peep toe booties - Valentino
Red suede ankle boots - Reka Vago
burgundy velvet ankle booties with mother-of-pearl details - Jean Paul Gaultier
studded T-bar shoes - Alberta Ferretti
black and white plastic brouges - Melissa X
brown and yellow chunky oxfords - D&G
oil blue suede pumps - Calvin Klein
leopard horse fur high heeled loafers - Dolce and Gabbana
brown peep toe oxfords with fringes - Louis Vuitton
black "fetish" ankle boots - Burberry Prorsum
red velvet sandals with skull and bones - Giambattista Valli

I want to ride my bicycle...

more: Luxuo

Friday, October 21

"Shop the Night Away"

Hey guys, 

How are you, darlings? I guess it is nothing new or maybe? Oh, that is permanent! I am a fashion lover! Last evening I went to the Ourstyle Shopping Night. I took during this event were close-up shots of the beautiful Hungarian designer things. So many incredible goodies! Lo! 

Yay, do you remember? Oil green booties by Reka Vago? Last seen here. Yes, they were on my feet. 


I am obsessed this Toth Bori jacket. Amazing color! Do not you think?

And now! I think again and again. I just could not resist the temptation of purchase! I am introducing my new clutch from Anna Amélie only to you! Do you love it?

photo credits - Me at Ourstyle Boutique

Wednesday, October 19

Tuesday, October 18

Power Powder

Oh guys, 

So many... What? I have lot of black bags, but I so want to grab a Chanel flap bag in girly powder color. I was determined and obsessed the only way to cure this itch is to start searching at Etsy. I have been waiting for a big bomb bargain and now. Yes, finally it looks successful! 

What a dream bag and whats yours? 

my new quilted flap bag - vintage Chanel

Monday, October 17


complete editorial: Popbee

Show must go on...

Hey guys, 

I have wanted to do an "on the Hungarian catwalk" post. 
Last weekend I went to the Marie Claire Fashion Days. Let you know this is the most prestigious Hungarian fashion event in my home. Are you curious? Look at these photos and I am talking about my favorites in a few words. Enjoy it, I hope... 

As you know Anh Tuan's collection is a mixture of the western pure modernity and the eastern oriental shapes. Just impressive. As in an eastern fairy tale!

Tic-tac, tic-tac... We have arrived at one of my absolutely favorites, Barnoff! How I love Tamara is not a minimalist. She has always extend the feminine details. Currently? Maybe the pin up girls? Totally playful!

Back to the nature by Kepp Showroom and Je Suis Belle. I love them all. Definitely awesome!

Last but not least, Anna Amelie's accessory. They are brilliants! Graceful and perfect to everything... Do not you think?

images: Facebook, Beango