Wednesday, October 31

TicTac TicTac

Hello sweathearts, 

I can easily pull of this look without feeling royal by my Antonio Berardi bag. Do you remember? 
Stay the burgundy color - black, gold and burgundy are the main colors of this sublime style, definitely so dramatic - and if I feel that baroque inspired clothes are going to be too much to me then I will choose always tone it down by opting for dramatic jewelry and shoes. Yes, shoes - not least and no big surprise - I want to show my new babies! Tic Tac...Tic Tac! What do you think?

burgundy suede sandals with watch details - Dolce & Gabbana


Tuesday, October 30

Guess who?

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Monday, October 29

Not for only evening

Hey dolls, 

My new clutch is definitely not for only evening...perfect with my favorite red and black plaid jacket with oversize collar. How I love the pair of hard faux snakeskin is cool but the cow trims are new twist on a classic shape of box bag. Is not it adorable?

box clutch with cows - Love Moschino

Good Girl, Bad Girl

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Friday, October 26

Guess who?

Wednesday, October 24

Scalloped Collar

Hello lovelies, 

I definitely love sophisticated and little bit extreme pieces like my new scalloped collar. Let you know proportional to its original price of it is a great bargain at about same price I have bought... I think absolutely versatile, I would like to add a v-neck A-line dress or one of my favourite sweaters by Farhi and so on...the list is too long. Haha! 
What do you think?

collar - Cos

Must have!

image: Popbee

Saturday, October 20


Friday, October 19

Black Swan

Hi guys,

A childhood obsession for inspired by animals things continuing led me to select my personal extreme collection, it is mainly manifested in accessories - yes, oh so many as you know if you are follower of my blog. The black swan overlay - which end of the bag is included with swan's head, actually as its in the handle - as unique idea... Just awesome and light! I must admit I fell in love at first sight and I cannot wait to touch and hug it - yes mine... Swan in black, classic tote shape and timeless style at the same time. It will look amazing with all those tweed clothes, coats, chunky knitted goodies and boots... Do not you think?

my new handbag - Romwe

Thursday, October 18

Guess who?

Ming Xi & Antonia Wesseloh

Tuesday, October 16

Winter, why I hate U - why I love U 2.

Hi dolls, 

Winter, why I hate you - why I love you! 

Pretty shoes always such as my new pair of Pollini for Louis Gray sandals. Will miss you! You know, you!
I love to wear pretty sandals with girly socks but I hate to wear boots with 2 pairs of cozy socks and I am still getting cold...Brrrr...

Oh lovely Lisa, you are so right! She commented "don't worry winter is here so you get to wear all your pretty boots and jackets." 
And it comes back to one of my favorite coats, grey furry cozy coat by MaxMara. So timeless, do not you think?

The Librarian

Monday, October 15

Orient Express