Sunday, January 31

the olde apothecary

swan love

Pink is the new black

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I need a new hat

Saturday, January 30

Red is the new black

Friday, January 29

crochet love

blueish crochet patchwork oversize sweatercoat - vintage

Beret Love

Pastels love

Thursday, January 28

Pink is the new black

Wednesday, January 27


tartan love

Botanical 274.

office style

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Daily shoes

white sneakers - Pony (last seen here)
leather bag - Prada
denim dungarees - Zara (zoom here)

Pink is the new black

through candy-coloured glasses

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Hi darlings,

I was busy bee and so long ago it was the time that we were talking about my new favorites or much changed or not? I guess about my style of course... I think NO! There are fixed details in my outfits - the shoes is one of the important elements in  my outfits. My new favorites I think Miuccia's creations.

Her creations can be fun and flirty as always!  How I love the luxury things meet high-street clothes  that help to keep out the breakdown at the same time as looking full stylish and unique. 

Lot of designers recently prove that something child-like as for example LEGO or other retro toys can be fashionable and unique. I think it is true. Inspired and I had jumped back at 2014 again. I bought a pair of Prada shoes from 2014 and totally inspired a plastic retro toy or duplo (maybe)! See you later, but lo! ...from this runway! I am telling a secret! Red, wedges, but T-bar. Peek-a-boo!

Pastels love

Pastels love

Thursday, January 21

Pink is the new black

Red is the new black


Wednesday, January 20

Pastels love

Chanel Girls 107.

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