Wednesday, March 28

Pink is the new black

nude pink mini bag - Dolce Gabbana
grey "pug" hooded sweatshirt - borrowed my bf (zoom here)
red statement earrings - Nasha (last seen here)

collage look

sailor coat - Appletree Boutique (last seen here and here)
striped sunnies - Dolce & Gabbana 
lace sunnies - Valentino 
lace top and mother of pearl necklace - H&M and unbranded
black turtleneck top and suede dress - vintage
silver reissue flap bag and navy blue patent mini ankle bag - Chanel both (last seen here, here and here)
flower watch - Nina Ricci
black tights - Topshop
black and white velvet and patent shoes - Valentino 

Tuesday, March 27


red velvet "Tessa" platform shoes - Charlotte Olympia (last seen here)
pink velvet bag with embellished straps - Zara
grey floppy hat with pink trimmed - Maison Michel (zoom here)
pink wool boater hat - Lack of Color
coats - various designers
small multicolor Eiffel Tower flapbag - Chanel (last seen herehere and here)
silver reissue flap bag and navy blue patent mini ankle bag - Chanel both (zoom here)

Sunday, March 18

new in

Majolica printed circle bag - Dolce & Gabbana

Thursday, March 15

tapestry love

embellished pale pink velvet ankle boots - Zara
suede spectator boots - Chanel (zoom here)
 tapestry booties - Dolce Gabbana (zoom: here and here)


Botanical 419.

brown suede plimsolls - Zara
sailor coat - Appletree Boutique (last seen herehere and here)
botanical "Falabella" bag - Stella McCartney (zoom herehereherehere and here)
"Magnifique" sunnies - Dita

Botanical 418.

satin floral midi dress - Zara
not seen here: suede spectator boots - Chanel (zoom here)

At home

photos by Lakáskultúra and google