Monday, December 31

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30

Green again... but you know very well...

Festive season again!

I have been searching for the perfect faux fur jacket and I am pretty sure I am lucky, because it was the time, yes it was at yesterday. Last winter I totally fell in love with this cozy faux fur jacket, but sold out everywhere... Almost one year later I found a same coat at a vintage store and oops this is brand new with reserve button... worth waiting, who would have thought it?

dark green faux fur coat - Topshop

Friday, December 28

Guess who?

Thursday, December 27


my new hand cream and nail polishes - Oops!J

Nancy Boys


Monday, December 24

Merry Xmas!

Friday, December 21


Hey buddies,
Real, but not a real Le Sardina...this is on the other hand a real camera. I cannot wait to use my new camera! Ha!



Wednesday, December 19

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hello darlings,
Remember my lovely triceratops from Giles? Oh yes she has a new friend, yes a little Rex charm! I met it at eBay and created by Sophie Hulme. Cool, do not you think?

Monday, December 17

Guess who?

Sunday, December 16

Moonlight Shadow 2.

Sunday - oh - Sunday, darling! 

Save the money with cheaper clothes and mix them with more expensive accessories...
In this case it comes back the thought of shoes and kind of jewellery. One of the big favorites such as ring. Who shares my obsession? I have so many kind of pieces, but my new ones look like hiper cool, moreover one of my most unique double finger ring, I think and I wanted to show you...

more statement rings: here; here; here; here and here

"Moon" knuckleduster gold plated silver ring - Daisy Knights



Saturday, December 15

Another floral

Happy Saturday!

Here is a peek at two styles - floral and silky because I think you were already able to love my floral pointies by Givenchy - from my new Dolce & Gabbana and yes not least these are vintage pieces. What is your first reaction? Truly timeless?

hand painted floral pumps - Dolce & Gabbana

Friday, December 14

Music loves Fashion


Thursday, December 13

Girly things

Hi there, 

Here are my collection of some girly things.
I do love to wear them both on during cold winter of course - beautiful hat with a lovely brooch for my head and several layers of clothing for example my new cape over my coat. Oh-so-cozy!

hat with brooch - Sonia Rykiel and D&G
pom pom cape - Emma Cook

Guess who?


source: Dusty Roses