Thursday, June 30

Wednesday, June 29


Hi darlings,

With middle summer just around the corner, it is time to prep for a real summer and finally here is the bargain sales period. Whether you are heading around of the city, shopping on foot or online.
If you keeping up with the latest fashion sales, then you have go to the department of Zalando UK. You can find almost all pieces from different brands, on reasonable or little bit expensive - but exclusive - prices - Wrangler, Vero Moda, Tibi, Minna Parikka, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Malene Birger and so on just to name a few. What do you think? I think this is a must have online shop where you can be searched liking.
Speaking of my favourites from this website. Look at!

pic: Geg

dress - Tibi
bag - Abro
bangles -Tokyo Jane
sandals - Minna Parikka

Tuesday, June 28

New in

Hey guys,

I think I have always been attracted to a shoe in my entire three decades of living. Around in three decades of living? This could have begun at my first knocking red shoes with red soles too when I was four years old. I am not a lover of Loubs but I have to concede have a passion for a pair of special or rare pieces.

At latest ebay purchase I was thinking for the coming seasons, a little bit of cooler weather, when I will be paired with a funky vintage motorcycle leather jacket and other grey or black clothes. What a contrast! But it will work as totally awesome way! Do not you think?

my new satin ankle booties - Bruno Frisoni


Before - After

Saturday, June 25

my red shoes...

Hey guys,

I happen to think the red shoes are a pair of sexiness in a woman's wardrobe and also most women should own. Please do not forget men are also for joy. Must have piece, definitely. Do not you think? Which ones are my favorite red pairs?

These are mine:

red suede ankle boots - Reka Vago

Thursday, June 23

Behind the Muses

source: Popbee


Hey loves,

Special A-Z post what I am begining for the signs of the zodiac. What do you think?
Which star sign, darling readers? Perhaps a Cancer and generally follows trends?
The first kind of post comes for the Cancers zodiac!

Wednesday, June 22

Butterfly and Floral

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

Having a pair of perfect sunnies that flatter your face is just as important as having a great pair of shoes. What is your choice? Seeing as the Mister Spex's items I known to buy a pair of lovely and perfectly sunglasses at once. What do you think? Look at my choice!

floral "butterfly" sunnies - Dolce & Gabbana via Mister Spex


Sunday, June 19

"Opening bag"

Hey loves,

It is going on my bag's straps...What do you think? I love bagcharms so much, they give something of special at these... What about you?

my "opening bag" bagcharm - Liberty of London

Have a great fresh week!


Friday, June 17

Thursday, June 16

I am this...

Hey darlings,

"Anima - the soul - the ancient people believed that everything has a soul, and that animals are reflections of our souls. What is your anima? Maybe this two-legged character?"

I think I am this. The little two-legged "bug" on minimal of robot character - of course - team up with lovely pink chitin? As you know I love robot symbol so much - especially for my metal tricky bagcharm by Prada. Do you remember?

my robot-esque anima necklace - Carla Szabo