Friday, July 31


I hated the yellow but isn't so now. Indeed...
Check this...

white linen shirt/fehér lenvászon ing - Bershka
linen pants/lenvászon nadrág - George
yellow belt/sárga öv - Mango
bag/táska - Corto Moltedo (limited edition S/S 07)
yellow platforms/sárga platform szandál - Renzi by
Gianmarco Lorenzi

brown sunglasses with floral horsebit/barna napszemüveg virágos "nyerges" szárral - Gucci
watch with change bangle/óra lecserélhető előlappal - vintage Gucci
cat necklace/cicás nyaklánc - Chanel
yellow bangles/sárga karperecek - H&M
squirrel keychain/mókusos kulcstartó - MaxMara

Do you reject the yellow?

Thursday, July 30

"Why I love my Chanel"

I found a gorgeous article via Telegraph.

My fave true quote from Lucy Yeomans...sounds so - "Chanel seems to transcend fashion and time. Some brands feel so dead; Chanel has always felt alive to me.”

You may read the rest of the parts of the article here.

It's worth reading!

Wednesday, July 29

Shopping bag

material - cotton
colour - grey, white, orange
what do you think - Please leave a comment Honey!

sourse: retro shop, etsy, topshop

Tuesday, July 28

Torrent of awards

Thank you so much Susan, Rain, Liz and Onic...

1. Sharon Rose - Vintage, Fashion, Me
2. It's Unbeweable
3. Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination
4. Fashion Moment
5. Lenorenevermore
Tales of Wondering Star
7. Haute World
8. Savvy Mode
9. Absolutley Ladylike
10. Fashion Lolita

The awards attract a tag. Please reveal 10 interesting things about yourself.

1. I'm a shy girl.
2. I work in informatics area. Let me bet you wouldn't have given a tip about this.
3. I have horror from the beetles except the ladybird and the stag-beetle.

4. I think I manage with well

5. My hands are cold in summer too.
6. I'm little bit eccentric especially my style.

7. I can spent a bigger amount of money on shoes...shoe manic...

8. I like the biographical books
9. I'm a sensitive woman but I try to conceal.
10. I love the mushroom-gathering.

Enjoy it!

Monday, July 27

Monday and the weekdays...

This is one of the regular post...oh yes..."Monday and the weekdays..."

(click at enlarge)

white top/fehér felső - MaxMara
silk floral skirt/selyem virágos szoknya - Mango
necklace/nyaklánc - H&M
black leather bag/fekete bőr táska - Furla
ladybird keychain/katica kulcstartó - Furla
red and snakeskin heels/piros és kígyóbőr magassarkú - Chloe

colour - especially red, blue and white
material - silk, cotton, leather, chain
what do you think - please leave a comment Honey

Saturday, July 25


source: malcolm-bird

"Employed by Barbara Hulanicki as a pattern cutter and colourist. Supplied illustrations for publicity and designed the children's department in the third of her four shops. The design for the children's department is in Alwyn Turner's sumptuous book The Biba Experience, the perfect read for Bibaphiles."

Friday, July 24


I can't wait for Fall...
My first ideas was a cozy fall layers of clothes...Comfy...don't slovenly.

black sheer blouse with white stars/fekete áttetsző blúz fehér csillagokkal - Internacionale (Chanel copy? HAHA!)
black&white striped knitted top/fekete-fehér kötött felső - H&M
layering pearls with camelia brooch/többsoros gyöngy kaméllia brossal -
thrifted and Chanel

colour: black and white
material - knitted, silk, beads
what do you think - Please leave a comment Honey!

tartan sheer blouse (with bows, deers and flowers)/kockás áttetsző blúz (masnikkal, szarvasokkal és virágokkal) - D&G (F/W 08)
black knitted top/fekete kötött felső -
light pink deer plexi brooch/halványrózsaszín műanyag szarvas bross - MaxMara

colour - tartan and black
material - silk, knitted and plexi
what do you think - Please leave a comment Honey!

Wednesday, July 22

Fav' thing of the day


what's this - corset vase
material - porcealin with 22K gold luster
colour - cream
from where - Bestow
what do you think - Please leave a comment Honey!

Tuesday, July 21

Exotic bargain

I'm crazy about unique footwear...

Devi Kroell spent her childhood as a modern-day gypsy moving from one exotic country to the next: Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, France and Italy to name a few. This unique upbringing, combined with her personal style, has resulted in a sophisticated eclectic luxury synonymous with her namesake collection. She started her line in Spring 2004 designing sculptural handbags in exotic materials (snakeskin, exotic fishskin, reptile skin etc.) Fall 2006 marked Kroell's foray into footwear and Spring 2009 will be the debut of her ready-to-wear collection.

brand - Devi Kroell
fashion - sandals (flat = really cozy)
material - leather & exotic fishskin
colour - burgundy & gold
from where - eBay (original store: NYC)
what do you think? - Please leave a comment Honey!

Monday, July 20

Monday and the weekdays...

Hello Sailors...

what I wore today:

navy blue mini dress/sötétkék mini ruha - New York Laundry
black leggings/fekete legging - ?
red bag/piros táska - Longchamp
nautical pumps with striped heels/tengerész cipő csíkos sarokkal - Biba


red sunglasses/piros napszemüveg - Chanel
red watch/piros karóra - mango
silver cherry earrings/ezüst cseresznye fülbevaló - ?
necklace with cc pendant/nyaklánc CC medállal - Chanel
bow ring/masnis gyűrű - Alannah Hill

Saturday, July 18

In track of Chanel

I like the variety in my clothes and accessories. I bought this pearl necklace in a thrift store and so many opportunities revealed themselves to me. Create!

I just added to the one of my fave camellia brooch from Chanel.


Classic pearls, brooches and chain are included in this mix of this fashionable and functional lot of strand necklaces that can be worn all kinds of different ways.
I think this is a refined luxury... Don't you think?

This "new" pearl necklace adds elegance and versatility to any ensemble but I have to have a sense of style and fun to work these long layers.

Have a lovely weekend everyone...

Friday, July 17


Happy Friday Everyone!

It's true - here is sandalled weather, but the scorching sun not my weather. Finally I would like to wear a pumps now.

Here is my favourite pumps for you all...

handpainted floral
Biba pumps - Janet's fave
simply black
Chanel pumps - so comfy and chic. Don't you think?
Viktor & Rolf bow pumps - J'adore...
snakeskin vintage platform pumps from Terry de Havilland -
fiore multicolor lovely pumps - they are a Miu Miu copies. Thanks for Lizi, (Lisanne) you know...
clotted blood colour pumps from Costume National - Say YAY!
Lulu Guinness with charm - little bit kitschy...

P.S.: Click at enlarge! I stressed of the importance of words or brand...

Thursday, July 16


This collection of Topshop captivate me. I adore the deers things and plus extra how reminds me of one of my favourite blog... wonderful Dooder City blog. I hope so Deana read this post.

Ez a Topshop kollekció egyszerűen magával ragad. Imádom a
szarvasos dolgokat és külön plusz, hogy emlékeztet engem a kedvenc blogjaim közül az egyikre...a csodálatos Dooder City blogjára. Remélem, hogy Deana is olvassa ezt a posztot.

J'adore this mini dress...

Relive fellow fashionistas baby-doll days with this 7 peice collection on August 21st.

Wednesday, July 15


This design is really unique - minifigures are awesome idea.
What do you think?

Tuesday, July 14