Wednesday, March 29

some old some new

striped off-shoulder top - Zara
strappy sandals - Bionda Castana
orange lace flats - Bionda Castana
plaid cozy canvas robe - vintage

Monday, March 27

Sunday, March 26

Botanical 392.

Friday, March 24

mother of pearl

flat shoes - Zara

Thursday, March 23

Wednesday, March 22

Monday & the weekdays

tweed bomber jacket and Hungarian motif patch coat from Zara (navy blue here)
black sunnies - Sonia Rykiel
black cigarette pants
cherry red "Saskia" handbag - Chloé
unique pink suede shoes with pom poms - Zara

Tuesday, March 21

some old some new

cherry red "Saskia" handbag - Chloé
sneakers - Converse
blue round frames sunnies - Emmanuel Katsaros (click here)
light blue mini bag with "flowers" strap - Zara (zoom here)



Sunday, March 19

classic time

black patent reissue flap bag and navy blue patent mini ankle bag - Chanel both (last seen here)
classic black chanel ballerinas - Chanel

Botanical 391.

my new Hungarian motif patch coat from Zara


oversized navy striped pajama style shirt - Zara
gold plated bangles - Massimo Dutti; Mango; Alexander McQueen and Pierre Cardin
gold plated ring - Chanel

Saturday, March 18

Botanical 390.

Friday, March 17


Wednesday, March 15

some old some new

poppy and floral oversize coat - Nº21 - Numeroventuno (last seenherehere and herein skirt: here)
light blue mini bag with "flowers" strap - Zara

Miuccia Prada

images via Visualizing