Monday, September 1

Guess who?

Botanical 99.

Saturday, August 30

Some Old Some New

black blazer with silk trim - H&M
breton top - thrifted
skull and bones red velvet heels - Giambattista Valli
black leather bag - Balenciaga (I have changed for a  pair of short leather frings, because the original has defect.)
Blue Boy nail polish - Chanel
watch - vintage Nivada
rings, earrings and skull bangle - Matina Amanita Maria Francesca Pepe and Alexander McQueen (last seen here)

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Friday, August 29


source: AnOther Mag

Wednesday, August 27

Back to 2011

In this post I am going to show you my new obsession, back to 2011, at Spring and Summer and the Fendi's runway.

I have to admit I was weak and I could not resist when I saw these frames again at a shopping sale. Oh man I am a sunglasses junkie...(proof: here; here and here)

Their incredible shape is very cool and perfect for pimping up any outfit that needs a touch of mega unique look... What do you think?

Gigi Love

Botanical 98.