Monday, January 23

Monday and the weekdays

faux fur hat - Zara
plaid vintage moto jacket - originally it was a golf jacket (made in Italy)
plexi parrot brooch - Prada
oversize Donald Duck sweatshirt - Zara
black leather shorts - Topshop
black leather mutt bag - Christopher Raeburn (last seen here and here)
felt boots - ZDAR
not seen here - Prada plexi watch; Prada sunglasses; Disaya Teddy bear necklace; Bimba Y Lola leather gloves

Sunday, January 22


small town down

Friday, January 20

amish grunge

tricot stories


pink is the new black

These are not the type of shoes that I normally wear, because you know the designer pieces are my weakness but just lo! There were no two ways about it, I swooped down on these unique babies.

Chanel Girls 148.

campus beat

Botanical 376.