Friday, December 31

Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 29

Second Hand Love

Hey loves,

I love vintage shopping, because it is so much fun and exciting. Your own patience is the key.
So I personaly prefer to buy on sale price - sale season has begun, after the Christmas, but I am not forgetting about my favourite thrifted stores. Thats my World, beyond eBay, but I take for the biggest store, it is full vintage surprises....

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You can find the "bijous"; often the best is hidden good beneath all the other stuff. Serendipity!

Guess who?

What do they have in common?

Hey guys,

What do these have in common? Yes, Vogue, append the French Vogue, but the most important is Carine Roitfeld; as you know she announced her resignation before Christmas and after ten years of service. Good luck Carine!

Please darlings, lets get nostalic and look at the one of the best covers and styling...

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Tuesday, December 28

Way to keep warm...

Hey guys,

So cold here. I think I do not need a fireplace, but it would be great to get a pair of thermal onesie at least. It stays warm and hot, if you understand it. I know lots of people will be laugh and say only that is missing is big thumb in the mouth, indeed I will give you that, our dads to be sick of this, so many bad recollection they have, when their moms constrained that they are wearing these. 

thermal onesie - T by Alexander Wang

Then came Mr. Wang and his idea, who built in our outfits. Do you remember, that was about one year old and I love a lot. Just comfy and gave the chance for a warm outfit, what so stylish when I paired a baggy woolen trousers, a masculine jacket, my new booties and some jewelleries. What do you think?

Monday, December 27

Before - After

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Saturday, December 25


Hey loves,

First of all, hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas-Eve! You know I hesitated about my Christmas-Eve's outfit, but I made a promise I will talk about my decision. So, I wore a little knitted black dress and Jean-Paul Gaultier pearl booties. I received several Xmas presents on now from my lover, my parents and my friends of course. Take my word for it; they had lots of amazing goodies, which I will not enumerate... I have mentioned with some of them, at least remember them, for example the leopard coat, olive green nail polish, tweed scarf and Chanel fragrance... I must say I was so excited that to try my wonderful surprises. That's the way it was. Started to a lbd and added to my new leopard coat and that tweed scarf for a walking...

Finally, I also gave myself a little Christmas surprise altough I have not received them, because this is a fresh knock eBay's item down.

my new babies - Vivienne Westwood Bondage boots

What do you think?

Merry Xmas to U and Urs!

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Thursday, December 23

Before - After

Flower mask works wonders on the face?

Guess who?

Wednesday, December 22


Hey guys,

I cannot believe that the day after tomorrow will be Xmas-Eve. I am hesitating between keeping my habit; I love the cozy combos at Xmas tree. What do I have on my body? But I will decide on a more elegant addition. I wanted to show few casual dresses - one of my favourites dresses from Browns; I love them a lot, supposing it would be have a thick wallet - specifically in four categories. Which one is your favourite?