Friday, September 30

...the spirit of story-telling

more information:  Design Award

"Anh Tuan's Haute Couture collection was inspired by the spirit of story-telling. The colorful world of fantasy and dreams just simply comes true on the runway with the uniquely hand-made pieces. The collection is a mixture of the western pure modernity and the eastern oriental shapes. The importance of the traditions and the old craftmenships are the key messages of the collection. 

In this season Anh Tuan telling us a tale with his colorful, vibrant dresses. made from special oriental materials such as velvet, floss, hand-woven brocade, lizard-leather or wool. The accessories of the dresses are pearls and crystals. 

The color palette is inspired from the mystical word of dragons, elfs and emperors. The rich, vibrant colors mixed with pastel shades which way of using is a symbol of the ancient ranges. The red, purple, ocher yellow, turquoise, green and black are the key colors of the collection."

Thursday, September 29

Guess who?

Wednesday, September 28

New in

Hey guys, 

I must admit I am lucky ducky. Almost all sunglasses look good on me. Aviators, oversizes, cat-eyes, round frames, retro style... 
Therefore it just became my obsession. I have missed a pair of wayfarer style from my set, until I just found the perfect pair of these as well. 

What do you think?


my new ones - Barnoff

Hotel 65

Tuesday, September 27


Hi darlings,

Fall is all about layering, so be sure to invest in a few key pieces like warmer clothes. There was no other way of little black dress issue.
Few weeks ago I have run two perfect pieces to earth for every occasion. It will depend on other outfit's details.

Well, the first one is by Bally with lovely fringes (looks like furry-esque) is sexy and classy all in one -  taking inspiration from a classy 20's style and bringing the modern woman. I like its wool material so much. Definitely there will be no need for a lot of layers.

woolen fringes dress - Bally
wooden hanger - Emma Cook

The another favorite is too cute for me. What do you think?
How I love it is 60's style with an exquisite bib collar. This is still good for fall.

I think soon that it will be too chilly for sandals. I can add a pair of chunky tights and pumps or sexy high heeled booties.

3/4 sleeves dress with bib collar - River Island

Have you found the perfect little black dress for the cool seasons?

Monday, September 26


I cannot wait it.

Shoe lover

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay. I have created a little shoe selection from one of my favorites from New York and London for the next sunny seasons. Here are some of best shoes in my opinion. What do you think?


Plastic Fantastic



Sunday, September 25

Friday, September 23


Hi lovelies,

Do you believe in astrology? How about a fashion alphabetic according to the current sign?

Today we have entered one of my favorites zodiac signs, it is the Libra, also because it suits to my Gemini sign.

This sign drawn toward soft and romantic colors like pink, nude, sky blue and ivory and they love to mix the most delicate colors with classy black and grey. So feminine and how I love it - their natural style. What about you?

Tuesday, September 20

Details from Paris

all images: Giambattista Valli