Monday, June 3

What do they have in common 2.?

Hi dears,

What do they have in common?

Sometimes you can find a root - root of your style; great item for your closet and you as soon as you can buy more and more of this then you can trust of it will be timeless - yet and you can feel - yes it is, lose hold of it, it is absurd - do not!  Nevermore! Currently these are the ripped denim shorts to me!  I go through about a pair of denim shorts a year at the rate I wear them but these are the most comfy pieces I have owned. Definitely versatile!
What is yours? Cozy leggings, pair of flats or what? I am curious...

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  1. Lovely looks, darling!
    The cut offs are a nice counterpoint to the florals :)


  2. Denim shorts are awesome in summer, they are like my summer uniform! :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Ooh, I am loving both of these looks - so perfect for summer! :)


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