Sunday, June 30

Pick up!

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

It has long been recognition of mine that my blog is very important to me. I hope it can transmit something - something new, inspiration, lovely and so on, but then I realized with equal ease - I do not want it. What? I do not want to get the feeling - not a good feeling in a manner. It is just my hobby! Not a job - thus I do not allow my posts to write compulsorily or these look like only advertisings. It is important to me that they are authentic. While blogs like famous blogs (I think The Blonde Salad, The Cherry Blossom Girl just to name a few) are really pretty, it feels as if most of the clothes they are wearing is just given to them to advertise, and most of those items are very expensive and honestly a considerable part of society just can not afford. Do you agree?


Sure now you can say - what are so many expensive goodies doing here? 


It is no secret I love buying stuff on the internet especially from last seasons' items or vintage pieces of course. Now, I think my blog needs to convey that it is something what can give their tips... I try to work mixes with predilection - expensive- (mostly in unique accessories) and cheaper clothes into each outfit as you can see on my blog posts. Distinguish yourself, that is the real style! I love the luxury things meet high-street clothes that help to keep out the breakdown at the same time as looking full stylish. In this moment I am wearing a pair of black pencil pants and green blouse by Zara, Nicole Brundage white-ish crochet sandals, Stella McCartney botanical jacket, Chanel silver bag, vintage Christian Dior dark green oversize sunnies, Gucci bamboo watch and various silver jewelry...

I really love eBay, etsy, Yoox, The Outnet, secondhand- and vintage store...  Use the internet for a purchase - it is easy, trust me! Just listen, there are some important things; for example the delivery services, make offer chance or please do not forget to put your bids at the last moments...

So you can see I have a few things in cheaply. Aperlai sandals for £19.99 or Sonia Rykiel studded beret for 5.5 pounds? Incredible! Go for it!


  1. Amazing post, darling!
    Love the butterfly dress!


  2. Hát a pillangós ruci heartbreaking :)


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