Monday, June 24

but I am just not fashion obsessed...

Hi guys, 

Are there times when you think the fashion would certainly be my life? Bit of snobbish?
Lots of photo for my new things, outfits, wishlists, A-Z trend... Let you know it is my hobby and I love buying stuff (who does not?) on the internet because you can find everything - fashion or not - even pieces from last seasons. 

Ebay is my best friend in this atmosphere as I have already previously mentioned so many times. Unfortunately a slow internet is an annoying thing, because you will not be able to put in a winning bid at the last minute. Use a good service! There are typical good packs - duo or trio - sky broadband; includes tv deal, wifi and so on. Thus you have an easy way to special and great bargains at auctions or for example the outnet clearout! Familiar feeling?

I will not lie, because I am fashion obsessed in a certain sense. I just want to have nice things at not my closet and more important they do not necessarily have to be new or trendy. I think the first think which must matter to you should be your character and your style.

The fashion is a very good way of self expression, it tells what you like or who you are and also I think a life without fashion would be so boring.  It is art worn every day, it can reflect our moods, our personality. Please do not forget the fashion is wearable art!
Of course, it should not be the main part of your life, but it anyway.

What about you?