Thursday, March 6

Photography is the art that simmers in the sea of life

   Right now, a Nashville photographer takes pictures of a couple getting married. 884 miles away somewhere in the New York City another camera lover captures a model for a fancy fashion magazine. It is all happening now, around the world. Photography is the huge phenomenon of the XXI century. Professionals and people with iPhones are taking pictures, constantly. Looking on the “instagram” can bring you a giant amount of emotions, selfies, food pictures and just random stuff that someone thought it is worth being photographed.
  The thing is that everyone thinks it is not only cool to make pictures, it is absolutely necessary.   Somehow, you get to understand that our opportunity to frozen specific moments and transform them in tangible goods, is majestic. For weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and Bar Mitzvah celebrations, we hire professional photographers. We want them to immortalize every single detail that is involved in the specific event. Also, we require all the photographs to be perfect. All the pictures are supposed to be beautiful, natural and super emotional. Just like the real life and the real party. Sometimes we even want the picture to be better than the authentic thing. This is why there is Photoshop, makeup and right angles or lights.
  However, photography is the art that simmers in the sea of life. It is full of authenticity and natural circumstances. Even if a photograph of a model, in a fashion magazine is totally photoshoped, there is still truth. That model exists and even if it is looking better than the real version, it is still her.
  The abundance of life in photography can be seen not only in the people’s faces, but also in the pictures with night landscapes, the city views and basically there is existence in every single photograph taken in this world. Even if it is a picture with shrimps, posted on someone’s Facebook wall, that is an image of life

   Look around you, there is much beauty in everything. No wonder why you are using the camera on your phone more than the green call button. There is just too much life that is simply worth being frozen in time with the help of a tiny photograph. It is all just making, photography, the art that shows life in the most genuine way.