Sunday, February 23

Reminiscent 12.

The 50s and early 60s style definitely have magical. 
And we still stay the end of 50s. Pencil skirts, cashmere cardis, tie neck tops and so on these are mainly sexy things - there was a carry over from pin up girl's style for example the little neckerchief; gingham patterned, high waisted pants just to name a few. How cool! I think about the wiggle dresses and pencil skirts and pants gave the wearer a provocative, body hugging silhouette that women could not get enough of. 

So I have lot of icons whose sexepil will never be exceed by others. My new favorite is Virginia E. Johnson; was an American sexologist and I know it is a little bit doubtful because we only met with certain Lizzy Caplan who shaped Virginia in Masters of Sex tv series but no doubt she was incredible, feminine, sexy, pioneer, rock and her style too. 

From the outfit, hair style, or even the make ups - red nails and red lips. I am sure that we will always back to find some great inspiration from this series. 

I adore 50s style - I think we will never get bored to dress like all women in these eras - and this authentic processing series and you?

images: imdb and the tv series
clothes: net-a-porter and 1stdibs


  1. Her style is so perfect in this! I need to catch this at some point.

  2. Amazing looks!
    Love all the dresses!


  3. love this!! i agree that's why i'm obsessed w/ these era's.. i swear i'm drooling over the clothes whenever i watch mad men hehehe more then the stars. ok i'm drooling over the stars too hehehe!!

    1. I know what you mean! Mad Men is my other favorite! :)


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