Saturday, February 1


Happy February!

This is why I love colder weather... The coats, the layering, the chunky knits, the gloves, white and black contrast and so on...

Now I have a cold and do not feel happy; maybe the cold weather plays trick on us this year at Central Europe. Until now it was too mild, this was an extreme winter without snow, freezing point, but definitely not normal colder season. In the last two months the average temperature was characterizes of early springtime; last Saturday there were 10 degrees and Sunday they dropped to -2.... This was really favored by germs and viruses. So I am sick and though wintery sale is the focus, I am thinking of the goodies for the spring many times.
It is definitely a mind thing. The colorful, fresh, florals and so on... Sigh!
Spring will be soon along! Only one month I hope so... and I will walk in my new "pin up girl sandals"...

my new sandals - Charlotte Olympia


  1. Anonymous10:40 am CET

    Gorgeous sandals! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Lovely sandals, darling!


  3. Love your new sandals and it is beyond cold where I live this year too! I am so ready for Spring and ready to say bye to snow and ice!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip


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