Tuesday, January 20

Some Old Some New

Let's talk about... keep it warm!

I am a massive fan of anything that is knitted, chunky, ribbed and wool... it makes perfect sense that I had long searched a pair of new knitted trousers (I have got some flared knitted trousers that can help for warmer seasons) preferably culottes for wintery weather. I found these beige culottes in H&M and they will make elegant and this outfit definitely gives a little bit 60s style with these snakeskin go go boots or my favorite "furry pumps" from
MaxMara, mini flap bag by Chanel, gold jewelry...  I think there is nothing more to do, only one... wearing a perfect and matchy sweater or turtleneck. What do you think? Hurrah retro?

wool culottes - H&M
snakeskin boots - Marc Jacobs
beige flap bag - Chanel
cream cashmere sweater - Bally
book - Caroline Cox: Stiletto



  1. Gorgeous pieces.
    Love the bag!


  2. Anonymous9:05 PM GMT+1

    Just love the look! I have never tried culottes though.



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