Thursday, December 8

when are you going to dance...

Hey guys, 

These boots I have never seen before - these boots on other person than me. What a coincidence, when I connected to Vanessa Jackman street style's blog. I am a daily readers and how I adore that Vanessa is a big photographer. And the girl? Aka Lisa Marie Fernandez, who is a stylist additionally created so many unique swimwears. Brilliant in other word. What a perfect mix... Eclectic dress and snakeskin boots. I guess I do the similar combo than merely to see this. 

Rare flash of my life but now I love to see these boots, yes on other girl, because my pair occupies a prominent part of my shoe wall too - but mine has lower heels. Do you remember? 

snakeskin boots - Marc Jacobs


  1. What AMAAAAAZING pair of boots with even more amazing details, dear Janet!!!
    Happy thursday means weekend is close :)

  2. Amazing boots, darling!
    Love them!


  3. Beautiful shoes, you are so lucky to have them!!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm so happy to discover yours!

  4. omgosh these boots are AMAZING!!!

  5. I love her dress and those shoes! Lovely :)

  6. I'm in love with those boots! They remind of Ann D boots from several seasons back. Want a pair!!!

    Maryjane xoxo

  7. Jó ez a csizmi, meg a csaj ruhája is!:)
    BOcsi, hogy eltűntem tegnap de meghalt a netem!:(

  8. I like her style too. It totally works on her but will look not so great on me. : )


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