Monday, January 5

Face to face

While half the world has gone mad for all Celine slip-on skaters and I may have to do... yes I thought - I will be immunity but I did not make it. To be honest I was feeble and I bought a copy in Zara and it was worth having it tried, because totally comfy and stylish not to mention how cool is with my new MaxMara bag. Same color my dears and they are mine (it is unthinkable why have I only just discovered it. Moreover its price was huge favorable accordingly what must be done because I definitely have slip-on shoes fever?) and then I needed a newer pair. (Blush!) Oh darling we know but still there it is... I am going to run the reasons: warmer weather, to exchange the blue ones for a more indifferent color, unique touch and so on... Like I said the shoes were dominated to me and I always base my outfit what I have on my feet.

white silk face embroidered and pointed slip on shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood (buy them here... in turqoise and in black too)


  1. So fun and fabulous!


  2. I so want those!

    And I meant to get Budapest recommendations from you before I left, but I was so disorganized, I barely got myself packed in time! What an amazing place to live! I wish I could have spent more time there and gone to the baths, but I guess I'll just have to go back and visit again soon...

  3. Interesting! I want it :)

  4. Anonymous8:31 am CET

    I haven't seen these before! Very unique.


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