Monday, May 5

Reminiscent 14.

You are fucking young! Only 17 year old. A cocky and a defiant teenage girl! Simple charming and a French girl, maybe not exactly a woman , but you definitely know a thing or two. Lo! Her outfits is chic (timeless parka, woolen and cotton tops, a pair of jeans, long knitted scarf and oversize leather bag) But your personality really difficult. You are simple beautiful but a strange person at the same time. 
I suspect it was not a simple teenage revolution, kind of self-recognition (Just a dangerous game she played with herself. Why? I guess it is not just part of growing up) on the other hand, it is rather an unfocused debate. What she knew... 

By the way this is not a spoiler. thus if you are curious, please see Jeune et jolie drama, starring Marine Vacth (little bit Laetitia Casta do not you think?) Géraldine Pailhas and one of my favorites; Charlotte Rampling.





images via the movie