Wednesday, April 9

Sports and me?

I bet it is a lot of stuff you do not know about me, being my blog mostly covers lot of accessories; clothes... and especially the fashion of course...
Healthy lifestyle? Sports and me? I know it is not everyone that is going to receive a good genetics. Unfortunately I do not. Not to mention this does not mean that everything is okay. No problem because if I could have good genes that actually I should be dismissed to regular exercises...

For now and seriously, I reminded myself that exercise buys I energy and I needed a diet for a healthier life. So I have a healthy diet and some sports... I have to admit since then, I feel energetic... 

What about you?

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  1. marilyn looks gorgeous! i definitely don't have good genes.. so exercise and eating right are extremely important to me!!

  2. Amazing pics!
    I exercise every day :)


  3. Gorgeous shots - love Marilyn!!


  4. Love these images. =)
    Within the last year and a half, I've really upped my exercise regimen. Previously, I had none. haha. Terrible right? Since exercising regularly, I feel really good and when I don't, I actually feel terrible. The initial start of the process is definitely the most challenging. =)
    BTW I also LOVE sports-watching and attending too! Baseball and football. And I'm only recently getting into hockey because of the husband and attending my first hockey game. haha


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