Thursday, April 17

Minimalist Love

Hey darlings,

Can someone please tell me what in the heck is going on here? I have mentioned I do not like things too minimalist, so what had happened? Well I have invited by Tony & Guy Fashion Week Budapest at last Saturday. Kata Szegedi show was the earliest (11 a.m.) thus I had hastily dressed - navy blue lace dress, grass green knitted lacey jumper, black tuxedo pants, Paola booties, Prada sunnies and not to least my favorite botanical falabella bag by Stella McCartney

Not a minimalist; not nearly. This was eclectic, lovely, fresh.., actually oh so Springy! My all outfit shouts for a little bit twist and mixing with a funny and astounding details to me. I am not a minimalist - I think the monochrome, edgy and simple pieces - easy-peasy but only a pair of basic pieces for me. Part of my whole outfit. Mandatory! 

Take, for example my favorite show of this event. Nubu, the minimalist.  No doubt I loved the atmosphere of Nubu show. First of all by a wet ripping sound; splash, a thumping splash then a monotone music... with the wind chimes' sounds, because all model used a wind chime... was on their hands or necks as a necklace. Unique! And their clothes? We could see lots of tailored oversize coats in cotton and wool, jacquard loose pants, versatile bags (especially blue, black and white leather mixed the pony hair I think) and so on. Let the photos speak for themselves.
Minimalist? Versatile minimal? And that fascinated me. I have to admit.

I am still not a huge fan of minimalist - correction - when everything minimalist on the outfit but I definitely need the blue and white huge drape scarf from Nubu. It will be perfect with my grey two faces Iris V Arnim coat. It is a simple twist. Do not you think?

 more photos: here
images via Facebook and Larinne


  1. this is amazing!!! how fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous collection!


  3. Oh very gorgeous fashion show!
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