Saturday, April 19

Easter Bunny!

Hey guys! 

Does anyone remember this post? There must be somebody; (my audiences) who knows what I am talking about. That's me - my style! 

I always make a lion of the soft; the silky and really feminine clothes, yes there are bulk of my wardrobe. I always wear something lovely and adorable goodies, for example floral prints and fun; surprising accessories. Contrast makes an outfit interesting: between feminine and masculine; retro vibe and modern details. Let you know I have been finding lots of great stuff lately for example this is the wonderful silky dress with girly rose prints; polka dots and long sleeves. Brand? I do not know, not a label - you can only guess? Maybe handmade? (by the way reminds me of Ulyana Sergeenko's syle and creations). I will insert it to my Easter outfit and mix a contrast leather jacket; a pair of lace booties; botanical Falabella bag and not a least bunny ears headband from Maison Michel

Well, what do you think of my style? 

black leather moto jacket with quilted sleeves - vintage
navy blue; rose printed and polka dots silk dress - thrifted (maybe handmade and vintage)
floral frames sunnies - Dolce & Gabbana
botanical "Falabella" bag - Stella McCartney
Heidi denim bunny headband - Maison Michel
lace/mesh ankle "Paola" booties - Christian Louboutin


  1. Hi my dear- adore this whole outfit such a perfect Spring look! Happy Easter xxx

  2. Happy Easter!
    Love those boots!


  3. Anonymous10:38 pm CEST

    Love the bunny ears! Happy Easter!

  4. ahhh so cute!! i'm in love love with the bunny ears!

  5. That Bunny Headband is the cutest!!


  6. That bunny headband is so cute!! Great blog :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know where you follow and I will follow back right away!! :)

    Have a lovely week ahead!

  7. Love it dear! I like to rough up really soft pieces too! Love those shoes!! xo -Taj


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