Saturday, December 27

Reminiscent 23.

Hello buddies,

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, darlings!

My initial energy has not dissipated during the Holidays and all too often I am back to usual routine. I can promise you until I proved this topic a dull I would be quite ready to write about sixties style, one of my favorite areas as you know and who does not love to see old movies? You know that, or you guess well enough - the newer Reminiscent post. Plus there was my "Merry Christmas post" with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn and the handsome Peter O'Toole, remember? Thus the idea came across my mind that to have us continue with them...

Well, "How to Steal a Million"

and its atmosphere - 1966?

Audrey Hepburn showcased a range of new waves, demonstrating how much had changed between the early 60s style and the mid sixties of course. (it is worth checking my previous posts which included these styles; for example 1963 and 1964.)

1966 loved monochrome ensembles, mini dresses, colorful A-line coats, oversize sunnies and relaxed hair styles with boxier shape hats just to name a few. These pictures have shown some of beauty tips that we have now what I like them a lot. Vampy black eye make-up and false eyelashes... what do you think?


  1. Le sigh...I need all of these outfits - so divine!


  2. Amazing post! Love Audrey!



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