Thursday, June 19

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers for Women

After I put a giga sunglasses post for my blog in this regard I was just thinking about some beachwear and matching footwear we will wear. No, I mean, is it still... I do not want to say that latter is boring, but little bit limited. Well my new favorite - these Chanel sandals...

Let's talk about the footwear for the beach!

Yes, jelly sandals - Shame me now I am wearing above-mentioned (check at the first pick) sandals with black high-waisted baggy pants from COS and black silk ethnic style blouse by Cathrine Malandrino. So sorry from my lover (I guess he hates them) but I have some blisters and a little crater on my heels. Oh-so-bad high heels and pretty break!

Flip-flops (particularly Havainas, because yes, oh so easy to slip on and off, but I think not comfortable for me; they hurt my in-between toes, sigh!)

Birks - I am not a huge fan of Birks I think.

Adilettes (I have a pair of kind Adilettes with wedges, although I do not know what is this name again?) Anybody?

Espadrilles? How I love them...

Boat shoes or slidewalk surfers for around about Yacht Club (by the way now that I come to think of it, here is Sanuk Coupons 2014)...

Maybe not limited! Haha! What is yours?

P.S.: one more coupon:  6pm Coupon Code 10% Off


  1. Brilliant beachside ensemble! And the Agatha Raisin - great choice!



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