Saturday, March 10

What do they have in common 27.?

Sometimes you can find a root - root of your style; great item for your closet and you as soon as you can buy more and more of this then you can trust of it will be timeless yet and you can feel. Yes it is, lose hold of it, it is absurd don't! Nevermore! Currently there's just something about Springish, especially floral and botanical pieces.

satin floral midi dress - Zara
not seen here: suede spectator boots - Chanel (zoom here)

botanical jacket - Stella McCartney (click here and here)
floral "butterfly" sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana
breton shirt
boyfriend jeans
botanical "Falabella" bag - Stella McCartney (zoohereherehere and here)
black ballerina shoes - Chanel

LouLou burgundy heart sunglasses - Saint Laurent
gabardine vest - Carven (last seen here)
greenish floral top - vintage
black baggy pants
embellished pale pink velvet ankle boots - Zara

black "Noir" sunglasses - miu miu
earrings - mango
embroidered dress - Zara
beezel watch - vintage Gucci
faded pink circle leather bag - Wink Geom
red knot sandals - N°21 # Kartell

bf jeans
floral wedges espadrilles - Dolce & Gabbana

poppy and floral oversize coat - Nº21 - Numeroventuno (last seen here and herein skirt: here)
bf jeans - thrifted
beige flapbag Chanel
red satin shoes - Carven (last seen here & here)

navy floral blazer with leopard printed hems - Dolce &Gabbana (last seen here)
black leather belt - Tiger of Sweden
white long-sleeved shirt
boyfriend jeans - thrifted
floral peep toe booties - miu miu (closer here)
black cat-eyed sunnies - Sonia Rykiel
green and black patent bag - Marni

white lace blouse - H&M (last seen here)
baby blue wool lace cardigan - vintage
 tapestry booties - Dolce &Gabbana (zoom here)

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