Sunday, September 29

Smart Ways to Save Money with Coupons

Hello sweathearts,

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of spending a day with shopping (I think so, but my experiences are "pot-pourri
" - good and bad) and used some coupons; not forgetting the smart and thrifted purchasing with for example Groupon Coupons

While having a browse on the shops; I was little disappointed by the rows upon rows of boring clothes... and miss you - yes, online shopping! $222 for a woolen coat from Zara? Hmmmm... Little bit expensive for an inditex piece?  What do you think?
Finally I bought only one accessory at Zara - yes I can put my hands on a lovely angora cap and I am madly happy, because it will be perfect; matchy-matchy with other grunge clothes.
What can I say or more slightly afraid to say it out loud in case I jinx it but I am feeling hiper stingy. Absolution of our purse and not moving out of cozy home! Search; search; search...  online shopping and naturally I will use more and more Discount Coupons... 
What is your last purchase?