Sunday, September 15

Halloween Costumes

Hello guys,

Little by little we turning up at a Halloween party, it creeping up quickly and will be here before we know it (only 1,5 months) and as you might expect already now we are exciting... We will be dressed up some funny and fancy characters... searching Halloween Costumes Ideas
Addams family is my personal favorite! Grandmama, Uncle Fester, Gomez, Wednesday, Morticia, The Thing, Cousin Itt... especially since I have seen Louise aka Miss Pandora and Alix aka The Cherry Blossom Girl in great Addams' customes. Go for it! You, your lover and your children of course. Baby- and animal Halloween are much better... Haha!
And you? Good news that lots of designers have us hoping to look altogether more fashionably spooky. 
Look at my three favorites stylish accessories (headwears) for Halloween.

If you will be a Spider Queen with Charlotte Olympia's spider web beret.

Or is your favorite charachter The Thing? You need a CO's handhat. I am huge fan of this. What do you think?

Last but not least; sexy lace "ears" from Maison Michel.

Sometimes we are simply tired of this whole procedure and need a good help! To get you started check out the  Halloween Costumes Coupons. What do you think?