Wednesday, August 14

Past and Future

Hi guys,

I am still one of the many person, not famous, not rich if I think about it or maybe after all - I have a rich- and big imagination. Just a passionate blogger girl or what? 

Almost 5 years ago I thought that I could document my daily on-goings; mostly my vision of fashion... beautiful things, fashion shows what I loved; my purchases and goodies...

In last years of blog sphere, even after posting a lot and going through several changes - I recall over these years of different experience has given me an eye and an ear for subtlety of introspection that no interesting or exciting can discern. Of course you could say that, who cares, because every blog seems to be ever-changing as the life, the trends, the people and so on. Neither of us will ever be the same.
But there are fixed things in fashion namely the fashion is a constant cycle as you know! We can be happy to dates back the 50's; 60's; (remember my last Reminiscent post) 70's - these are my favorite areas - and older times. The vintage- retro- or antique things often have the greatest power. 
No doubt that this is fun and enjoyable! Back to past, but what's up in technology? 

This is special! Technology is constantly changing - this is oh-so-good for the blog sphere. Choose a digital camera for the good photos and easy editing; not the mention the broadband internet as the bt superfast broadband for the fast searching and your blog post publishing. Go for it if you have a mood and you would love to own online diary.